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Medical Tourism

Daejeon: a destination for advanced medical tourism

A rising center for medical tourism, combining medicine with science
  • A city with a wealth of medical resources (eight general hospitals / 2,000+ medical institutions / 9,000+ medical professionals)
  • Optimal location for medical tourism (short wait times, fast treatment times)
  • State-of-the-art science meets medicine (proximity to Daedeok Special R&D Zone for incorporating state-of-the-art technologies and medical services)
  • A city of wellness and health (Yuseong Hot Springs, Mt. Gyejoksan Red Clay Trail, Hanbat Arboretum, Daecheong Hoban Trail)

Daejeon: a leading city in biomedicine

A designated regulatory free zone for biomedical industry
  • 300+ advanced technology bio-ventures
  • Expected to develop into Korea’s leading bio-cluster for infectious disease vaccine development
  • Ensuring utility for newly developed agents, prompt pre-marketing trials, and practical easing of regulations

Daejeon’s wealth of tourism resources

A city that offers beautiful nature and state-of-the-art science, all in one
  • Nature tourism (Hanbat Arboretum, Daecheong Hoban Trail)
  • Healing tourism (Mt. Gyejoksan Red Clay Trail, Yuseong Hot Springs)
  • Science tourism (National Science Museum, Daedeok R&D Park)
  • Urban tourism (Euneungjeongi Culture Street, Daejeon Central Market)

Medical Tourism of Daejeon