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Daedeok Special R&D Zone (INNOPOLIS DAEDEOK)

Daedeok Special R&D Zone (INNOPOLIS DAEDEOK)

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Over the past 40 years, INNOPOLIS DAEDEOK has elevated Korea to the third most competitive country in the world in science and technology (2019, IMD Switzerland). INNOPOLIS DAEDEOK has played a critical role in making Korea the science and technology powerhouse it is today.

INNOPOLIS DAEDEOK will continue to serve as a hub for the nationwide diffusion of public R&D achievements and a leading model for public technology commercialization. We will reinforce our network with metropolitan and special R&D zones across the country and build a robust system of national-regional linkages for innovative growth.

General Information(Based on 2020 INNOPOLIS DAEDEOK Statistical Report)

Milestones - Date(YY.MM), Milestone
Date (YY.MM) Milestone
73.12. Master plan for Daedeok R&D and Academic City established (※ Research Park completed 92.11)
05.07. Daedeok R&D Complex reorganized as Special R&D Zone (under the Special Act on Development of Daedeok Special R&D Zone)
05.09. Daedeok Special R&D Zone Support Headquarters established
11.01. Gwangju and Daegu Special R&D Zones designated
12. 07. Special R&D Zone Promotion Foundation launched pursuant to the amendment of the Special Act on Development of Daedeok Special R&D Zone (renamed)
12. 11. Busan Special R&D Zone designated
15. 08. Jeollabuk-do Special R&D Zone designated
18. 02. Special R&D Zone Promotion Foundation designated a quasi-governmental institution
19. 08. Additional special R&D Zones(Innotown) designated (Ansan, Jinju, Changwon, Pohang, Cheongju and Gimhae)
20. 08. Additional special R&D Zones(Innotown) designated (Gumi, Hongneung, Ulji, Gunsan, Naju, Cheonan-Asan)
Area - Total, Yuseong-gu(District I,District II, District IV, District V), Daedeok-gu(District III)
Total Yuseong-gu Daedeok-gu
District I District II District IV District V District III
67.8k㎡ 27.8k㎡ 4.3k㎡ 28.6k㎡ 3.2k㎡ 3.9k㎡
Daedeok R&D Park Daedok Technovalley Northern Green Belt Agency for Defense Development Daedeok Industrial Park
Tenants - R&D, Non-R&D, Private enterprise, Total
R&D Non-R&D Private enterprise Total
National R&D
Public R&D
Other R&D
Government and
public agencies
26 7 2 1 10 28 30 2,243 2,347
2021 DAEDEOK INNOPOLIS budget (Unit: KRW)
2021 DAEDEOK INNOPOLIS budget - Category, Self-financed, Externally procured, Total R&D expenditure
Category Self-financed Externally procured Total R&D expenditure
Daedeok Special R&D Zone (INNOPOLIS DAEDEOK) KRW 2,979,760,000,000 KRW 5,338,449,000,000 KRW 8,319,208,000,000
General Information (Based on 2020 INNOPOLIS DAEDEOK Statistical Report)
General Information (Based on 2020 INNOPOLIS DAEDEOK Statistical Report) - Item, Details, Remarks
Item Details Remarks
Revenues KRW 19,276,874,000,000
R&D expenditures KRW 7,728,365,000,000
Manpower 82,175
R&D Achievements Patents (grants) 98,372 (Korean and overseas) Technology transfers 1,601
Technology transfer fees KRW 134,086,000,000
KOSDAQ listed firms 51
R&D firms 377 Total
Advanced technology firms 127 Total

Infrastructure development for INNOPOLIS DAEDEOK(Daejeon Metropolitan City)

Development of INNOPOLIS DAEDEOK Convergence R&D Innovation Center
  • Project Duration : 2018~ 2024
  • Cost : KRW 70,800,000,000
  • Purpose : To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of INNOPOLIS DAEDEOK and to establish a convergence research and commercialization support platform and control tower for regional innovation
  • Details : R&I convergence center, corporate R&D institutes, community spaces for communication and convergence, shared offices, etc.
Development of Priming Plaza
  • Project Duration : 2021~ 2024
  • Cost : KRW 33,900,000,000
  • Purpose : A center for ICT technology commercialization and entrepreneurship ecosystem growth support, and a space for public ICT technology experiences and exhibitions
  • Details : Blue Linking Lab, Tech Linking Lab, ICT Experience Hall, etc. / on the grounds of the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
Development of Daedeok Science and Culture Street
  • Project Duration : 2018~ 2022
  • Cost : KRW 10,000,000,000
  • Purpose : Linking scientific culture and urban services to create a scientific landmark and a proof-of-concept testbed for Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies
  • Details : Development of a theme street combining science and culture* (L=1.5 ㎞, B=3 m)
    * Smart pedestrian crossings, smart bus shelters, media fog, symbolic landmarks, Hubo smart signage, environmentally friendly buses, etc.
Road expansion between Cheongbyeoksan Park Intersection and Expo Apts.
  • Project Duration : 2020~ 2023
  • Cost : KRW 15,000,000,000
  • Purpose : Expansion of chronically congested section of Expo-ro linking INNOPOLIS DAEDEOK with Daedeok Technovalley, to alleviate commuter inconvenience
  • Details : Road expansion / L=1.21 km, B=10 m (two lanes)→25 m (four lanes)