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Foreign Residents

Foreign Residents Counseling Center

The city of Daejeon operates a counseling center with free translation and interpretation services to lend assistance to foreign residents and help resolve various difficulties they may experience while living in the city. Foreign residents can receive counseling services in their native language in a variety of areas, including community life, legal affairs, labor affairs, human rights and visa/residency-related matters.

Foreign Residents Counseling Center Information

  • Services available to : All foreign residents residing in the Daejeon area
  • Counseling services offered : Native language counseling for community life, legal affairs, labor affairs, human rights affairs, visa/residency-related matters and general grievances

    ※ Legal, labor and visa/work-permitted matters may be referred to an attorney or certified labor attorney. In such cases, consultation fees may be incurred.

  • Counseling is provided in the following languages: Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, English, Russian, Filipino, Mongolian
  • How to use the service : Please book a time through the website (www.dic.or.kr) or by telephone (1588-0739). Requests will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

    ※Same-day consultation is not available

More information on Foreign Residents Counseling Center operations