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Museums and Art Centers

Daejeon Arts Center

Daejeon Arts Center panorama
Daejeon Arts Center

The Daejeon Arts Center (DAC), which opened in October 2003, hosts a variety of prestigious performances. DAC is the lead performance venue of Daejeon, a city of culture.
The Art Hall is DAC’s main performance venue with 1,546 seats, a stage that can accommodate 300 performers at once and an orchestra pit for a 120-member orchestra. The Ensemble Hall seats 634 around a rotating stage, and has an orchestra pit and a seating section that can be converted into a stage. Other venues include the Convention Hall and outdoor Amphitheater.
DAC has the highest-standard stage systems and venue operation services to seamlessly host special guest performances and in-house productions. The facilities can also be rented. DAC is a public performance venue aimed at improving the quality of life of the residents of Daejeon by operating a number of arts education programs and a youth orchestra.

Daejeon Yeonjeong Korean Traditional Music Center

Daejeon Yeonjeong Korean Traditional Music Center panorama
Daejeon Yeonjeong Korean Traditional Music Center

Daejeon Yeonjeong Korean Traditional Music Center was established to contribute to the expansion of the base of traditional culture by leading the popularization and globalization of traditional music while inheriting and developing Korean traditional music.
The center, originally the Daejeon Municipal Yeonjeong Korean Traditional Music Center, opened in 1981, and was combined with the Daejeon Citizens’ Center in 2005 to become the Daejeon Yeonjeong Korean Traditional Music Culture Hall. In 2015, the center was relocated to a new building in Dunsan-dong.

The new facility is composed of the Keunmadang Hall (750 seats) and the Jakeunmadang Hall (338 seats; natural sound hall). The center operates an in-house traditional Korean orchestra with 100 members, which is one of the leading traditional Korean orchestras in the region as well as the whole of Korea.

The Daejeon Yeonjeong Korean Traditional Music Center is the oldest traditional performing arts institution operated by a local government, with its own performance venue and a traditional Korean orchestra. The center has consistently been staging only the best in traditional and contemporary Korean music performances and has become established as the leading Korean traditional music center in central Korea.

With special guest performances and regular converts by the in-house orchestra, we share Korea’s musical traditions with the people and take the lead in creating new music culture traditions. The center operates a number of traditional performing arts education programs and a traditional Korean music archive, playing a leading role in popularizing and expanding the presence of traditional Korean music in the region.

The center promises to continue hosting performances of the highest standard to expand the horizons of traditional Korean music, and we will do our best to create a successful model as a venue specializing in traditional arts.

Daejeon Municipal Museum

Daejeon Municipal Museum panorama
Daejeon Municipal Museum

Daejeon Municipal Museum showcases the entire history of Daejeon from prehistoric times to the modern and contemporary era. The museum is dedicated to preserving and raising awareness of the history of Daejeon, and preserving and researching artifacts surveyed and unearthed at important archaeological sites in Sangdae-dong and Yonggye-dong for the Doan New Town Development Project, as well as various artifacts donated and entrusted by the people of Daejeon.

The Daejeon Municipal Museum includes a permanent exhibition hall, special exhibition hall, children’s experiential exhibition hall, and outdoor exhibition venue. The permanent exhibition hall features artifacts spanning the entire history of the city, from prehistory up to modern and contemporary times. Four of the pieces on exhibit are designated treasures. The special exhibition hall and children’s exhibition hall host themed exhibits every year. In the outdoor exhibition venue there is a range of masonry artifacts discovered in the Daejeon area, including stone-carved Buddhist statues.

Daejeon Prehistory Museum

Daejeon Prehistory Museum panorama
Daejeon Prehistory Museum

The Daejeon Prehistory Museum is an annex of the Daejeon Municipal Museum specializing in the prehistoric era of Daejeon from the paleolithic to the Iron Age. The museum was founded following the discovery in 1997 of the Noeun-dong Site (Monument No. 38), a window into the general culture of Daejeon from the paleolithic to the Three Kingdoms Period.
The permanent exhibit showcases artifacts from Daejeon ranging from the Paleolithic era to the Iron Age, and the special exhibition hall hosts themed exhibits every year. There is a relocated and restored archaeological dig site and an archaeological dig experience pit outdoors where visitors can engage in various experiences and learning sessions.

Daejeon Metropolitan City Hanbat Library

Hanbat Library panorama
Hanbat Library

Hanbat Library is the leading library of the Daejeon area, serving as a center for knowledge and information, culture, and education. Hanbat Library is Ggrowing with the city and its people, and is a leading institution for inter-library cooperation in the region.

The library opened in 1989, and its book, non-book and electronic media collection has been expanding ever since. By ensuring efficient access and use of information and data, and providing a range of reading culture programs and services directly linked to individual lifestyles, the library is playing a key role in the progress of the region and improving the quality of life of the city’s people.

Hanbat Library operates capacity-building programs in the humanities, culture, arts and education for Daejeon’s people along with various performances and exhibitions designed to help individual residents of Daejeon discover their potential.

We believe in proactive information welfare. To this end, we offer a range of information and media use training programs, and continually improve our information and outreach services for library users with special needs. The library is also developing balanced and comprehensive cultural and educational programs for citizens in all walks life to help bridge the cultural gap.

As the leading library of the Daejeon region, Hanbat Library is building cooperative networks with public and school libraries in the region in an effort to achieve shared growth.