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City of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Education in Daejeon

Vision Daejeon: a happy, intelligent city progressing with its people

Objectives A leader in the use of digital technologies, a leader of the digital economy, a convenient city for residents

Top 3 Strategies and Top 8 Challenges

Strategy 1: Development of a smart city centered on citizens
  • 01A smart city based in science and technology
    • A smart city based on DNA (Data-Network-AI) technologies

    • Smart City Challenge
    • Development of a themed smart city
    • mplementation of next-generation smart transportation system (C-ITS)
  • 02Advanced administrative services for the public
    • Improvements in administrative services that the public can appreciate and feel

    • Implementation of a Daejeon-specific MyData industry ecosystem
    • Hosting of international Fourth Industrial Revolution exhibition
  • 03Implementation of Smart Living Lab platform
    • Implementation of living lab platform with private sector participation to address and solve urban and social problems

    • Proof-of-concept program for solutions to social problems with public participation
    • Development of an ICT-based social problem solution ecosystem
Strategy 2: Advancement of new growth industries
  • 04Development of state-of-the-art data/ AI-based industries
    • Infrastructure development to foster state-of-the-art industries

    • Fostering of data-based AI startups
    • Development of INNOPOLIS DAEDEOK Convergence R&D Innovation Center
    • Advancement of support foundation for process innovation in smart additive manufacturing
    • Fostering of IoT-based smart center industry
    • Development of drone industry center
  • 05Development of a global bio-hub
    • Development of ecosystems for bioindustry fostering

    • Establishment of Daejeon’s own bio-venture entrepreneurship support agency
    • Establishment of foundation for fostering biomedicine unicorns
  • 06Building an ecosystem for technologi cally innovative entrepreneurship
    • Improving access to entrepreneurship information and technology commercialization

    • Development of startup towns in each region
    • Comprehensive technology commercialization support for innovative growth enterprises
Strategy 3: Digital infrastructure and governance building
  • 07Building data-centered digital urban infrastructure
    • Platform building and professional manpower training for data gathering, processing and use

    • Smart policy communication and decision platform development
    • Development of virtual convergence space for modern cultural heritage in old town district
    • Implementation of data-based digital twin platform
    • Operation of ICT innovation square
    • Operation of “Digital Competency Center” for citizens
  • 08Establishment of governance for public-private cooperation
    • Building and engaging in collaborative networks among government-funded research institutes, universities, innovation agencies and experts

    • Establishment and operation of Daejeon Institute of Science & Technology for Enterprise and People
    • Development of platform for science and technology professionals and entrepreneurs
    • Development of Priming Plaza