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Public Health Centers

Public Health Centers in Daejeon

Public health centers in Daejeon serve local residents with primary care, traditional Korean medicine services, infectious disease prevention and control, quidance/inspection/management of pharmaceutical sales offices, illegal and adulterated drug control, and public health improvement programs.

Locations of public health centers in Daejeon

Locations of public health centers in Daejeon - Center, Location, Tel.No.
Center Location Tel. No.
Dong-gu Public Health Center 147 Donggucheong-ro, Dong-gu (Gao-dong) 042-251-6121
Jung-gu Public Health Center 63 Sanseong-ro, Jung-gu (Munhwa-dong) 042-288-8000
Seo-gu Public Health Center 74 Mannyeon-ro, Seo-gu (Mannyeon-dong) 042-288-4500
Yuseong-gu Public Health Center 177 Baksan-ro, Yuseong-gu (Guam-dong) 042-611-5011
Daedeok-gu Public Health Center 55 Seokbong-ro 38-gil, Daedeok-gu (Seokbong-dong) 042-608-5411