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Gyejok Sanseong Fortress
Cultural heritage
Daejeon Daedeok-gu, Sadi-ro79-70


Gyejok Sanseong Fortress is a peak-banding style fortress, which was constructed along the ridge from the peak of Mt. Gyejoksan (420m above the sea level). It would be known that it was built during the Baekje Period, but it turned out that it was actually constructed during the Silla Era through excavation in 1998 and 1999. This fortress is as high as 7-10m with the site of gate in the east, west and south. In the fortress the site of a large well, which was built during the Three Kingdoms period, is found. In addition, the fragments of roof tiles from the Goryeo Period and porcelain pieces from the Joseon Period are discovered in the site of the buildings within the fortress. It has been discovered that the fortress was built just the way the Samnyeon Sanseong Fortress (Historic Site NO. 235) from the Silla Dynasty was constructed. Among the earthenware excavated, the Silla vessels from the mid and late 6th century were also found. The earthenware found since the 6th century was mostly from the Silla Dynasty as well. Therefore, it has been confirmed that even though the fortress was governed by the Baekje Dynasty, it was built by the Silla people. Even though the evidence has shown that the Gyejok Sanseong Fortress was built by the Silla people, there still has a controversy on this issue. However, the fortress that was built by Baekje or most likely by the Silla people in the mid and late 6th century was a strategic spot at that time. Designation of cultural properties: Historic Site No. 355 Date of construction: The Three Kingdoms period


  • Parking Facility : 25 cars
  • Neighboring Attractions : Nearby tourist attractions: Gyejoksan Park, Mt. Gyejoksan, Jangdong Recreational Forest, Gyejoksan Barefoot Hwangtogil Trail