Cultural Facility

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Daejeon Children’s Center
Cultural Facility
1st floor of East Bldg. of Daejeon World Cup Stadium,#270 (World Cup Daero 32), Noeun-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon


The Daejeon Children’s Center located on the 1st floor of the East Building of World Cup Stadium (#270, Noeun-dong, Yuseong-gu / indoor: 3,5200㎡, outdoor: 2,250㎡) has diverse hands-on spaces in over 40% of the total area. This building was built with a goal of helping children build their hopes and dreams. This play-centered multifunctional cultural center for children is open to children under 12. Major facilities include Daejeon People (the job experience zone), Hello, Friends from Around the World (the world culture zone), I Am an Athlete As Well (the sports zone), Eco Vill (the science zone), playground, outdoor playground, cooking class, creative class (fine arts, Lego, art book, etc.), Green Narae Hall (performance stage), child counseling center and Dodam Dodam (a toy rental shop). To visit the center, advanced online reservations are required. - General reservation (experience zone): Reservation on the day of visit allowed - Program reservation (musical, kids’ program): Reservations should be made up until the midnight of the day before your visit. * In case of program reservation by group visitors, reservations should be made on the telephone during the business hours (until 18:0)) on the day before the visit.