Cultural Facility

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Daejeon World Cup Stadium
Cultural Facility
32 world-cup dae-ro Yuseong-gu Daejeon


The Daejeon World Cup Stadium consists of the main stadium and an auxiliary stadium. The main stadium can accommodate 41,000 persons. It is where the South Korean National Team reached the quarter final in 2002 FIFA World Cup and where Korean’s dreams and potentials were realized with a oneness of all its people. As the first convertible roof structure in Korea, it provides a comfortable environment for soccer events. The first floor has the World Cup PR Room, Sports Information Center, Fending Arena, Swimming Pool, and a Stadium for Children. The second floor has a reception room, a VIP room, the aerobic arena and a fitness center. You can rent on of our paid for arenas. The World Cup Commemoration Hall and PR room commemorate the success of the 2002 World Cup. They exhibit soccer balls with famous players’ autographs, the Golden FIFA Cup, commemorative coins, 24 Taegeuk Worriers of the Korean National Team, and their goal-moment videos.