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Daeungjeon Hall of Gosansa Temple
Cultural heritage
205, Daejeon-ro 316beon-gil, dong-gu


This temple, located in Daeseong-dong Dong-gu Daejeon, was built in the year 886 (Silla Dynasty, First year of King Jeonggang) by the most reverend monk, Doseongooksa. In 1636, the temple was renovated by the monk Sudeong. Until the Joseon Dynasty, it had been through several renovations but the original form of the main temple was preserved. In the precincts of the temple compound, there are Yangseonggak, and Geukrakbojeon around the main building. On the left side of the main building, two knives are laid. When the main building was fixed, a sentence written for the the ceremony of putting up the ridge beam ‘Beopjangsan Beopjangsa’ was discovered. This indicated that this temple’s old name is Beopjangsa Temple. The main building consists of the three frontal sections and two side sections. The temple was built with foundation stone on the stone stereobate facing the east-south direction. This is a “dapo” style building, which was popular in the Joseon Dynasty. The capital was laid on the pillar. On March 18, 1989, it was designated as Daejeon City Tangible Cultural Asset Number 10.