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Uam Historical Park
Cultural heritage
53, Chungjeong-ro, Dong-gu


The Uam Historic Site Park contains the beautiful Namgan Pavilion which was designated as the fourth Daejeon City tangible cultural asset. It is where Uam, Shiyeonl Song devoted himself to teaching students. The shrine built above and behind the Namgansa Pavilion has memorial tablets for Uam Shiyeol Song, Suam Sangha Kwan, Seokgok Sangmin Song. The Kigukjeong pavilion was built by Wusam after he rejected his governmental post and returned home, around which there are abundant mums and Chinese matrimony vines that represent scholars’ seculsive living and the happiness of the family. In addition, this Park has other historical assets such as the first Daejeon City’s tangible cultural asset, the Songja Daejeon wooden printing block, and the first ancient monument, the historical site of Sir Pyeongnyon Park, and the tenth tangible cultural asset, the Gosan Temple, and the Samedang shrine. It provides expert explanations three times a day (10am, 2 pm, 4 pm). Visit this time if you want to learn and enjoy more about the history of the Daejeon culture.


  • Additional Facilities:

    Central Square (drinking fountain, springs, open space, pagoda, Bire Pavilion, etc.) Namgan Pavilion : the place where Shiyeol Song (16-7-1689) who was one of the greatest Confucius scholars gave lectures and taught students. Songjadeajeonpan Wooden Printing Block : Collection of Wuam Shiyeol Song’s writing and chronological personal history (1,023 printing, 5,151 copies)