Daecheong Lake

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Daecheong Lake
Natural Ecology
Daejeon 618-136 in hall daedeok district (gu Daejeon, Boeun, cheongwon-gu Cheongju members)


Daecheong Lake was formed in 1980 when the Daecheong Dam was completed. The lake provides Daejeon City and Cheongju City with drinking water, living water, and industrial water. It is known for its driving route along small mountains which are located over 200∼300m sea level and beautiful shrubs. The Daecheong Lake is home to migratory birds and resident birds. In the summer, in the upper part of the Lake, white herons are easily seen. From the observatory, visitors can see the magnificent views around the lake, and the Water Promotion Hall which was opened in 1998 and accommodates a 3D image hall and an aquarium. Around the Daecheong Lake, there are other tourist attractions such as Geumgang River Park, Gangge Tourist Attraction and Munyi Cultural Sites. Take Kyungbu Highway and enter the Shintanjin Interchagne. In the Shintanjin 4 way crossroads, take the road leading to the Daecheong Dam. It takes 3 hours to drive around the Lake.


  • Fee : Free
  • Parking Facility : None
  • Additional Facilities:

    Daecheong Dam Memorial Tower : This tower is located in the square of Daechong Dam. It celebrates the completion of the Daecheong Dam. In addition, the Chieubangyang (稚魚放養) monument and memorial stone (爲業追慕碑) were built in the vicinity. Daecheong Water Promotion Hall : This water promotion hall is located in the observatory area. It provides information on water and dam construction. Hyeongam Temple (懸巖寺) : This temple is located in the mid-slope of Gubongsan Mountaion (old name: Guryongsan, 370.3m) north of Daecheong Dam square. It is called 「hyunsa(懸寺)」 or 「daleumjeol」 which means a temple hanging on the rock cliff. Chuibakjeong Pavilion (翠白亭) : This pavilion, Deajeong City’s 9th Cultural Asset, is located in 188 mihodong. It was built by Jewoldong, Songgyuryem in King Sukjong 27th years (AD 1701) The pavilion is ideal for the education of the young generation.