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Ssangcheongdang Detached Quarters of the house
Cultural heritage
71, Ssangcheong-ro, Daedeok-gu


This hall was designated as Daejeon City’s second tangible cultural asset on March 18, 1989. It is the detached house of Song Yu who held a Busajeong government position in the last Goryeo Dynasty and early Joseon Dynasty. The name, Ssangcheongdang Detached Quarters of the house was chosen by Pyeongnyeon Park who was a close friend to Song Yu. It means that they keep spirits of the nature in their heart. This building, facing the southwest, is made of three sections in the front and two sections in the side on the granite foundation. The two sections on the right are the wooden floored halls and one section on the left is the room with a Korean floor heating system. In the north, there is a half section of a room called “dalrimche.” The upper part of this was used as day bed, and the lower part, as a fireplace. The four pillars of the corner hold up “butmeori” and “dori” and below that, buse holds up the crossbeam. Since it has the original form intact, it is used to study early Joseon’s constructural design. It is managed by the Unjin Song Family.