Seolleongtang (beef bone stew)
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After one restaurant started to make a stew out of beef bone 40 years ago (seolleongtang), it became the only restaurant to make this stew, Seolleongtang has become Daejeon citizens’ favorite food. boil for a long time, and tastes deep and great when you eat radish Kimch or cabbage Kimchi.


    ㆍBeef Broth : Beef bone, brisket, knee cartilage, head bone
    ㆍSide Dish : Raddish Kimchi, Cabbage Kimchi
    ㆍSeasoning : spring onion, garlic, soy sauce

    How to cook

    Put beef bone, brisket, knee cartilage, and head bone in a big pot and boil them for 24 hours. After skimming the fat, put the broth in the stone pot and serve it with rice, side dishes and seasoning.


    Boiling the broth for a long time gives it a lot of energy. It is a favorite menu for adults.

  • 담당부서 : 식의약안전과
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