“Sejong~Yuseong Barem-gil” consists of three different trails connecting Yuseong and Sejong-si. Currently,

the first course called step-stone trail is opened and the second and the third courses are still under development. The first course, step-stone trail, is a lucky trail where individuals passing by realize wisdom when they are given good fortunes from a fairy. It is a course originating from the legend of the fairy stone.
Also, by offering the Turtle Tour Zone consisting of A, B, and C courses in the vicinity of “Sejong~Yuseong Barem-gil,” visitors can experience various attractions with mountains, fields, streams and places with legendary stories by foot and bike. In addition, they can enjoy legendary stories of the fairy stone and sibling traders of Ansan mountain fortress and relaxation from the time hill. They can enjoy green route travel with meditation and hope.

1) Observe the mind of a scholar while walking
Yuseong-gu is a town of scholars from the past and is an un-separable city from learning. As you can notice from the origin of the name, Yuseong-gu or Eungubi town, there is the presence of old scholars everywhere in the city. You can observe a major scholastic reservoir including virtuosity, righteousness, propriety, wisdom, loyalty, and piety at every corner of the “Sejong~Yuseong Barem-gil.” The minds of classical scholars deliver unchanging values to modern people and the trail naturally leads the walkers to feel this.
2) Differentiated trail that provides hope, wishes and needs.
“Sejong~Yuseong Barem-gil” is a trail that is not approached by physical means such as restoring old roads or developing good trails, but is a trail where individuals’ hopes and wishes come true. The center of origin and achievement is the fairy stone. The individuals who pray desperately to the fairy stone have their wishes come true and the individuals who have achieved their wishes find the trail again. This is tourist content that induces natural synergistic effects.
3) Development of a trail as a meeting and communicating space
“Sejong~Yuseong Barem-gil” is a way to synergistically develop the multi-administrative city, Sejong-si and the region of classical scholars, Yuseong. In this way, the first course known as the stepping-stone trail is accessible to all people and is a meeting and communication place that connects humans to humans, humans to nature, streams to streams, and Sejong and Yuseong. We will develop this into a masterpiece containing the nature and culture of Yuseong, and offering storytelling for more people to enjoy.
4) The origin of Barem-gil
“Sejong~Yuseong Barem-gil” means one entire trail consisting of three individual courses including a stepping-stone trail (the 1st course), breeze trail (the 2nd course), and science trail (the 3rd course). It connects Sejong-si and Yuseong-gu. ‘Barem-gil’ is not a standard language but it has the meaning of ‘Baram’ which means praying desperately for a wish. It is a trail of dream and hope where visitors can personally walk and experience.

Sejong~Yuseong Baraem-gil Section, name, course, distance/time

Sejong~Yuseong Baraem-gil Section, name, course, distance/time
Section Name Course (Departure~arrival) distance/time
Course 1 –
Stepping Stone Trail
Section 1
(Fulfilling filial piety.)
Yuseong Hot Spring’s Foot Spa – Gungdonghagyo – Jangdae 2 gyo – Gungdonggyo 4.0km / 1 hour
Section 2
(Encounter with classical scholar who enjoyed fortune in hiding.)
Gungdonggyo – Eungubi Village – Jukdonggyo 4.0km / 1 hour
Section 3
(Re-encounter the past of Yuseong and the lives of classical scholars.)
Jukdonggyo - Jukjeongyo - Chimsangyo – Hagi 1 gyo – Hagi 2 gyo - Banseokgyo – Banseok Village Complex 5 – Banseok Village Complex 7 – Saemirae Park 4.0km / 1 hour
Section 4
(Wishes and achievements realized.)
Saemirae Park – Guamsa – Seonnyeobawi Rock – Promenade with a poem – Ansangyo 2 Bridge – Ansangyo 1 Bridge 4.0km / 1 hour
Course 2 –
Sandeulbaram Trail
Sandeulbaram Trail Yuseong Hot Spring – National Cemetery – Mt. Gaphasan – Usanbong Peak – Ansansanseong Fortress (Daejeon Dullesan-gil) – Ansancheon Stream’s Jebang-gil – Yongsucheon Stream’s Jebang-gil – Sejong City (Geumgang River) -
Course 3 –
Science Trail
Science Trail Yuseong Hot Spring – Tandongcheon Stream (Daedeok Special District Olle-gil) – Hagi-dong (Toegogae Pass) – Oesam-dong (Seodanggol) - Ansancheon Stream’s Jebang-gil - Yongsucheon Stream’s Jebang-gil - Sejong City (Geumgang River) -
Tour Zone –
Course A, B, C
Course A Saemirae Park -Observatory – Guamsa Temple – Seonnyeobawi Rock – Hill with a poem 4.0km / 50 mins
Course B Saemirae Park - Observatory - Guamsa Temple - Seonnyeobawi Rock - Hill with a poem – Baraem-gil Meeting Square 6.0km / 1 hour 10 mins
Course C Saemirae Park - Observatory - Guamsa Temple - Seonnyeobawi Rock - Hill with a poem - Baraem-gil Meeting Square – Oesam Village Trail – Bicycle Meeting Square – Saemirae Park 10.0km / 2 hours

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