We selected “12 recommended trails.”

They consist of light courses taking an average time of 1 h 30 min, with lightly walkable and accessible trails for citizens of Daejeon

The “12 recommended trails” each have a specialized theme so that citizens of Daejeon can refresh from their daily lives and enjoy recreational time. They are divided into Well-being trails, Romantic trails, Historical & Cultural trails, and Ecological trails. If you have a look at the trails in each theme…

One. Well-being trails
- Trails that follow forests and flower trails in the city
- Sikjangsan Mountain Forest Trail/ Gyejoksan Mountain Hwangtotgil/Yuseong Foot bath Experience Trail
Two. Romantic Trails
- Trails that provide the romance of parks and fallen leaves
- Chudong Lake Trail/ Original city center Uhwoolim-gil/ Bomunsan Mountain Trail/ Garosu-gil in front of City Hall
Three. Historic and Cultural Trails
- Historic places and trails where you can feel the path of ancestors.
- Ppuri Park Dulle-gil/ Daejeon National Cemetery Trail
Four. Ecological trails
- Trails that expose visitors to beautiful nature including fireflies and an ecological marsh.
- Heukseok Norubeol Trail /Wolpyung Park Marsh Trail/Lohas Happy Road

"12 recommended trails"They are divided as above. By selecting the “12 recommended trails,” we hope that every citizen of Daejeon will make walking a habit and achieve both healthy and environmentally-friendly lifestyles.

Recommended Trails

Section that you wish to walk, name, course, distance/time

Section that you wish to walk, name, course, distance/time
Section Name Course (Departure~arrival) Distance/time
Mt. Sikjangsan Forest Trail
(Saecheon-dong, Dong-gu)
(Point of departure) Saecheon Park – Cheoltap T-junction – Hankuk Tongsin T-junction – Sunrise Observatory – Cheoltap T-junction – Saecheon Park 8.0km / 3 hours
Yuseong Foot Spa Trail
(Bongmyeong-dong, Yuseong-gu)
(Point of departure) Foot Spa – Oncheon-ro – Yuseongcheon Causeway – Yurimi Park – Gapcheon Causeway – Culture Park – Foot Spa 5.0km / 1 hour 20 mins
Mt. Gyejoksan Red Clay Trail
(Ihyeon-dong, Jang-dong, Daedeok-gu)
(Point of departure) Jangdong Forest Park Management Office – Imdo T-junction – Jeolgogae Pass – Ihyeon-dong cross road - Jangdong Forest Park Management Office 14.5km / 5 hours
Chudong Hoban-gil
(Chu-dong, Gong-gu)
(Point of departure)Chudong Facility Management Corporation parking lot – Eco Center – Garaewul Restaurant – Scenic spot – Garaewul Restaurant – Natural Waterside Park – Intake tower 5.0km / 1 hour 40 mins
Wondosim Eoullim-gil
(Eunhaeng-dong, Jung-gu, Won-dong, Dong-gu)
(Point of departure)Jung-gu District Office – Culture and Arts Street – Our Park – Oneungjeongyi Street – Eunhaenggyo Bridge – Jungang Market – Daejeon Station 2.0km / 1 hour
Bomunsan Promenade
(Sajeong-dong, Jung-gu)
(Point of departure)Daesa-dong public parking lot – Songhaksa Temple – UN Veterans Monument – Sajeong Park – O-world 4.5km / 1 hour 30 mins
Garosu-gil in front of City Hall
(Dunsan-dong, Seo-gu)
(Point of departure)In front of City Hall – Saemmeori Park – Daejeon Government Complex Square – Saemmeori Park – In front of City Hall 2.0km / 40 mins
History and
Culture Trail
Ppuri Park Dulle-gil
(Anyeong-dong, Jung-gu)
(Point of departure)Manseonggyo Bridge – Museum of Genelogy - Surname Sculpture Park (Eco Park) - Bangami Bridge - Chunghyoyae Well-being Trail (Beside Transportation Square) - Jangsubong Peak - Hyo Cultural Village Management Center 2.5km / 1 hour
National Cemetery Promenade
(Gap-dong, Yuseong-gu)
(Point of departure)Entrance of National Cemetery - Hongsalmun – Patriots Fountain Tower – Veterans Tower - Stage 2 Veterans Promenade - Stage 1 Veterans Promenade – Entrance of National Cemetery 3.5km / 1 hour 10 mins
Ecological Environmental
Heukseok Norubeol-gil
(Heukseok-dong, Seo-gu)
(Point of departure)Sangboan Recreation Park - Norubeol – Jangpyeong Recreation Park – Heukseok Recreation Park 4.5km / 1 hour 30 mins
Wolpyeong Park Marsh Trail
(Wolpyeong-dong, Seo-gu)
(Point of departure)Dosol Gymnasium - Naewonsa - Gapcheonwuan – Entrance of Ipeuiburak 4.0km / 1 hour 20 mins
Lohas Happy Road
(Yongho-dong, Miho-dong, Daedeok-gu)
(Point of departure)Behind Yongjeong Elementary School – Eco Park – Geumgang River View – Mihogyo Bridge – Geumgang Lohas Daecheong Park 5.6km / 1 hour 50 mins

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