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Recommended Trails

We selected “12 recommended trails.”

They consist of light courses taking an average time of 1 h 30 min, with lightly walkable and accessible trails for citizens of Daejeon

The “12 recommended trails” each have a specialized theme so that citizens of Daejeon can refresh from their daily lives and enjoy recreational time. They are divided into Well-being trails, Romantic trails, Historical & Cultural trails, and Ecological trails. If you have a look at the trails in each theme…

One. Well-being trails
- Trails that follow forests and flower trails in the city
- Sikjangsan Mountain Forest Trail/ Gyejoksan Mountain Hwangtotgil/Yuseong Foot bath Experience Trail
Two. Romantic Trails
- Trails that provide the romance of parks and fallen leaves
- Chudong Lake Trail/ Original city center Uhwoolim-gil/ Bomunsan Mountain Trail/ Garosu-gil in front of City Hall
Three. Historic and Cultural Trails
- Historic places and trails where you can feel the path of ancestors.
- Ppuri Park Dulle-gil/ Daejeon National Cemetery Trail
Four. Ecological trails
- Trails that expose visitors to beautiful nature including fireflies and an ecological marsh.
- Heukseok Norubeol Trail /Wolpyung Park Marsh Trail/Lohas Happy Road

"12 recommended trails"They are divided as above. By selecting the “12 recommended trails,” we hope that every citizen of Daejeon will make walking a habit and achieve both healthy and environmentally-friendly lifestyles.

좌,우로 이동가능합니다.

Recommended Trails

좌,우로 이동가능합니다.