Daejeon International Wine&sprits Fair

Daejeon International Wine&sprits Fair
From September to October
Daejeon Exhibition Cente, Hanbit Piaza
Main Programs
- Asia Wine Trophy
- Asia Wine Buyers Conference
- Daejeon Wine Festa
- Food Court - Cultural Sgows

Daejeon International Wine Fair (Daejeon International Food & Wine Festival) has been positioning itself as an wine specialty event that represents the Republic of Korea since 2012 for general tourists, wine experts and wine lovers, and Asia Wine Trophy has become the biggest event in Asia. It is expected to exhibit domestic and foreign wine, traditional alcohol, spirits, wine related media and props. And of course, you can visit and taste various kinds of wine from all over the world.

  • 대전국제와인페어 관련이미지
  • 대전국제와인페어 관련이미지
  • 대전국제와인페어 관련이미지
  • 담당부서 : 대전마케팅공사
  • 담당자 : 전시기획팀
  • 문의전화 : 042-250-1313