Daejeon Roots of Filial Piety Festival

Daejeon Roots of Filial Piety Festival
From September to October
In and around Ppuri Park in Jung-gu, Daejeon
Main Programs
Opening and closing ceremonies, family events, experimental and exhibition prograns, other events

Daejeon Roots of Filial Piety Festival is a festival where visitors find their family roots feel the Spirit of our ancestors, and learn about a Korea's traditional value ‘filial piety’ at Ppuri (Roots) Park, Korea’s one and only park designed with a theme of surnames. Ppuri Park is a family-friendly park opened on November 1, 1997 to help people learn about their family roots and filial piety. It is also a lively learning space of filial piety and loyalty situated in the center of the downtown in harmony with beautiful nature. The park has 136 sculptures presenting Korean surnames, stories their roots of ancestors, and descriptions of each work. The Museum of Korean Family Tree Book is located in the park housing family tree books donated by people across the country. It is where visitors can learn more about the spirits of their ancestors and serves as a place to hold a clan gathering. Daejeon Roots of Filial Piety Festival is a festival that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age or gender, giving people a chance to appreciate the importance of families and filial piety. The festival presents a great opportunity for children and youths to learn about traditional Korean cultures and wisdom of ancestors

  • 효문화뿌리축제 관련이미지
  • 효문화뿌리축제 관련이미지
  • 효문화뿌리축제 관련이미지
  • 담당부서 : 중구
  • 담당자 : 문화체육과
  • 문의전화 : 042-606-6293