Mt. Gyejoksan Barefoot Festival

Mt. Gyejoksan Barefoot Festival
In May each year
Jangdong Forest Park in Mt. Gyejoksan, Daejeon
Main Event
Barefoot walking with family, barefoot running, red clay dyeing, cultural performances

Mt. Gyejoksan Barefoot Festival is one of the most famous barefoot festivals in Korea where visitors walk barefoot on a 14.5-kilometer long red clay trail in the forest. The red clay trail is also a popular tourist attraction in Daejeon that allows visitors to enjoy nature, arts and culture while barefoot walking or running on the trail in the forest rich in oxygen. Anyone of any age can enjoy the festival, participating in a variety of cultural, arts, performance, and exhibition programs.

  • 계족산맨발축제 관련이미지
  • 계족산맨발축제 관련이미지
  • 계족산맨발축제 관련이미지
  • 담당부서 : 맥키스컴퍼니
  • 담당자 : 맥키스컴퍼니
  • 문의전화 : 042-530-1832