National Tourist Information 1330

National Tourist Information 1330

Dial 1330 anyway in South Korea if you want tourist information. National Tourist Telephone Number 1330 provides information on tourism in Korea to both domestic and intermational tourists.

1. It has language translation services for English, Chinese, and Japanese.You can receive tourist information in English, Japanese or Chinese as well as general information on tourism in South Korea.

2. It provides a high quality service of tourist information. In order to improve the service, an intensive education on telephone servie is given to operators. Frequent field trips to the tourist attractions are taken to ensure, the information is current.

3.Number 1330 runs 24 hours. You can use it any time to go anywhere. It is operated all year round 24 hours a day. Do not hesitate to call us when you have difficulties preparing for your trip.

4. It is a public service without extra charge.(Basic fee by home phone)You can use it like your home phone because you will not be charged an extra fee.

  • Call anytime anywhere
    • - 1330 by home phone and public phone in Daejeon

      - Local number+1330 by cell phone or in other areas (example: Seoul (02+1330)

      - 82+local number+1330 a in foreign country (example: USA (82+42+1330)

  • 담당부서 : 콜센터
  • 담당자 : 콜센터
  • 문의전화 : 042-120