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Hanbat Arboretum

Hanbat Arboretum
Natural Ecology
169, Dunsan, Seo-gu, Daedjeon

The arboretum located near the Government Complex, Daejeon EXPO Science Park. The area is a mecca of arts and culture with the Daejeon Art Center, Pyeongsong Youth Cultural Center, City Art Museum, and the Lee Eungno Gallery which harmonize with and culture. Hanbat Arboretum in the city center is the largest man-made arboretum in Korea that connects the greens of the Daejeon Government Complex and the EXPO Science Park. It provides preservation of various plant species, educational space for youth, and a relaxing green area for citizens in the middle of the city. It consists of Seowon (West Garden, North of the City Art Museum) and Dongwon (East Garden, North of Pyeongsong Youth Cultural Center), which includes 19 theme gardens (Nammun [South Gate] Square, Magnolia Garden, Herb Garden, Rock Garden, Fruit Tree Garden, etc.), and Tropical Botanical Garden.

Relaxing green space for families, Popular for dating couples

In the extending cool, green forest, the green season starts to spread. The trail has a look of a landscape in an art book, but also harmonizes well with the city like a painting with special charm. Crossing a rich forest, there is a spacious square extending beyond. Far beyond, you can see the Gyeonwoo Jiknyeo Bridge and the Hanbit Tower. EXPO Nammun South Gate is a place where various sculptures, fountains, and mobile outdoor theatres exist. This is the center of the Hanbat Arboretum.

Walking inner city blended with trails of trees, flowers, and water

There is a story behind the foundation of the trail. The president of The Mackiss Company, Woong-Rae Cho, gave his shoes without hesitation when he saw a lady who had difficulty climbing up with high heels on. He went down the trail in bare feet. His feet hurt very much but he indeed had a deep sleep that night and his tiredness went away completely the next morning. From this, he realized the benefits of walking bare foot and founded Hwangtot-gil with his own money to encourage walking bare foot.

Although the trail is covered with Hwangto (red clay), it requires great courage to walk all 14.5 km of Dulle-gil bare foot. Even after 1-2 km of walking, the soles of your feet become numb. To that extent, we can realize our weakness of relying on shoes, a modern convenience. Anyways, we thank his warm generosity that has allowed the luxurious trail to maintain the health of the citizens by investing 400 million KRW out of his pocket every year.

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