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New Hub city in KOREA - daejeon opended to the world, citizens realizing dreams
Daejeon Dullesan-gil Trail image


Mountains surround the City of Daejeon, and streams (Daejeoncheon, Yudeungcheon and Gapcheon) meet and merge, and join the Geumgang River. If viewed from the downtown, the Geumsubong Peak and the Dodeokbong Peak are seen in the east with the backdrop of the Gyeryongsan Mountain. In addition, they are ranged up to Mt. Gaphasan and Usanbong Peak and meet with Mt. Geumbyeongsan in the north. In the east, the Gyejoksan ridge stretches long and stands tall in Mt. Sikjangsan. In the south, Mt. Bomunsan and Mt. Gubongsan are viewed. In the west again, the trail meets Mt. Bingyesan, Geumsubong Peak and the Dodeokbong Peak ridges. ‘Daejeon Dullesan Gilitgi’, which started on September 19, 2004, was designed to give more citizens the opportunity to tour around the beautiful mountains of Daejeon by connecting them. While hiking along the ridges of the mountains of Daejeon, they would be able to see various aspects of Daejeon and realize how charming the city really is. At the same time, they can unwittingly learn the importance of natural environment and become fascinated with Daejeon. The mountain ridges in Daejeon create spectacular skylines anytime and anywhere. If you find joy and pleasure by seeing these mountains, you would be able to keep them in your mind just as they surround the city! For the citizens’ easy and convenient hiking along ‘Daejeon Dullesan Gilitgi (133km, 12 routes),’ a brief tourist guidebook which includes useful traffic information and trekking maps has been published. We hope that more citizens come and find peace in their mind with nature.


  • Additional Facilities: Nearby tourist attractions: Bomunsan Park