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New Hub city in KOREA - daejeon opended to the world, citizens realizing dreams

Dongchundang House image


This house was transferred from a building that was built by the father of Dongchundang, Jungil Song. 「Dongchun」 means 「lively spring.」 Here, Song educated the talents and studied. He also established 「Hoeduck」 Confucius school. It is designated as National Cultural Treasure number 209 and has a sign written by Uam Shiyeol Song. This is a simple and small but elegant structure. It has four sections of floored space in the right and two rooms with a floor heating system on the right. In the front, a narrow wooden veranda is installed. A wainscot is located below the wall of the rooms where a floor heating system exists. For foundation stones, a cornerstone with a high corner of squares were used. It is an example of the special buildings of the late Joseon Dynasty. Behind this building, there is a old birthplace of Jungil Song, which was designated as Daejeon Tangible Cultural Asste Number 3. 「Byelmyo of Song Family」 is the temple that has a mortuary tablet of Jungil Song. Dongchundang Culture Festival : This traditional culture festival was started in 1996 and is held every April around the Dongchundang area. It is named after a nickname of Jungil Song, “Dongchundang”, who is from Daeduckgu. It was established to increase the understanding of traditional culture and unify the community through an exciting festival.