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New Hub city in KOREA - daejeon opended to the world, citizens realizing dreams

Yuseong Hot Spring image
  • Type

    Natural Ecology

  • Location

    Whole area, Oncheon-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon

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The Yuseong Hot Spring is located in Bongmyeong-dong, Yuseong-gu of Daejeon City. Yuseong is famous for hot springs. According to legends, wounded soldiers of Baekje Dynasty were healed after taking a bath here. Many kings and presidents including the first King of Joseon Dynasty, Lee Seongge stayed here for their vacation. Yoseong is improving every day. Many education institutions including Chungnam National University and Daeduck Research Complex known as the science center of Korea are located in Yuseong. In addition, Yuseong is the mecca of science and technology of South Korea, accommodating a science industry complex, and cutting edge industries including electronics. There are pleasant residential areas in the southwestern area. Yuseong is a rural science and technology city where you can enjoy a relaxing life as well as an academic life, science and industry.


  • Hour : 05:30 ~ 22:00