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New Hub city in KOREA - daejeon opended to the world, citizens realizing dreams
EXPO Science Park image
  • Type

    Cutting Edge Science

  • Location

    480, Daedeokdae-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon

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It connects the greens of the Daejeon Government Complex and the Expo Science Park and it is used as educational spaces for youth and as relaxing green spaces for the all citizens. It consists of Seowon (West Garden) (North of Daejeon Museum of Art), and Dongwon (East Gardan) (North of Pyeongsong Education Hall). It includes 30 theme gardens such as an wild flower garden, Mugunghwa garden, evergreens garden, rock garden, and a pine garden.


  • Additional Facilities: Hanbit Tower,Unification Hall,Expo Memorial Hall