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New Hub city in KOREA - daejeon opended to the world, citizens realizing dreams
Gujeuk Dotorimuk
Since 1980 when making Acorn Jelly Salad was only a part of a side job in the farm families of Gujeuk Village, this dish became Daejeon’s special and unique dish. Pour beef broth out of dried anchovies and seaweed on the sliced Acorn Jelly Salad and mix it with sliced Kimchi and roasted seaweed.

How to cook

1. Peel the skin of an acorn harvested during the fall. To make a Acorn Jelly Salad, acorns from Acorn tree is good.
2. Grind the dried acorn in the mortar and soak it in water for four to five days to get rid of the bitter taste.
3. After that, put the sediments in the big pot and keep stir it while boiling. Get the sediment out and dry it to make the acorn powder. Put the powder in water and boil it.
4. When congealed, put it in a certain frame.
5. Wait until it cools down and cut it into small pieces.


Acorn Jelly Salad, Broth, Seasoning (soy souce, roasted seaweed, hot pepper powder, sesame powder, spring onion, garlic)

How to cook

Put seasoning on the top of broth made out of a dried anchovy, seaweed and raddish.


This is not fancy food but very good for your diet. Every age can enjoy it, so many people from all around the nation visit this place.