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Daecheongho Fresh Water Fish Hot Spicy Stewg
Ssogari (Mandarin Fish) coming from Geumgang River as a Daejeon special product was presented to King’s dinner in Joseon Dynasty. Shintanjin Area located in the middlestream of Geumgang River has been famous for fresh water fish cuisine. Since 1981 when Daecheong Dam was completed, many restaurants have served fresh fish cuisine. famous spicy stew. It is cooked for twenty minutes with various ingridients.


Fresh Water Fish, Hot pepper paste, garlic, ginger, soy bean paste, potato, seasoning, red pepper powder, sesame powder, raddish

How to cook

Mix sliced raddish and potatos with seasoning well and boil it with fresh water fish for twenty minutes.


Fresh water fish stew from the unpolluted clean area of the Geumgang River tastes rich and wholesome.