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Multi-culture Family Support Center

Multi-culture Family Support Center
Location Address Phone number
Daejeon City Yuseong-gu Techno 6 Ro 40-17 (Gwanpyungdong) 042-252-9997
Dong-gu Dong-gu Dongdaejeon-ro 171 Woosong Univ. Library #706 042-630-9945
Joong-gu Joong-gu Daeheung-ro 128 (Daeheungdong) 042-335-4566
Seo-gu Seo-gu Baejero 155-40, Baeje Univ. Woonamgwan 103-1 042-520-5928
Daedeok-gu Daedeok-gu Ojeong-ro 112(Ojeongdong) 042-639-2664

Main Task

Main Task
Detailed Task
Center Operation Family Communication & Relationship Program, Marriage and Family,
Paternal Counselling, Parent-child Relationship, Self-esteem
Improvement Program, Parental Role etc.
Gender Equality,
Personal Rights
Gender Equality, Multi-culture Understanding, Human Rights,
Female Immigrant Program, Couple Program, Related Regulations
Basic Training for Employment, Co-op Job Training, Volunteer
Group Activity, Community Adaptation, Multi-culture Family
Meeting, Improvement of Multi-culture Awareness, etc.
Counselling Individual & Family Counseling, Urgent Support, Co-op Counseling
PR & Network Community PR, Community Network, Homepage, etc.
Specialized Projects Visiting Tutoring (Language, Counseling), Case Management, Translation Service,
Multi- language Family Support, Language Support

Multi-culture Family Support Web-site

Multi-culture Family Support Web-site
Web-site URL
Multi-culture Family Support Portal Danoori More details
Living in Daejeon More details
Dong-gu Multi-culture Family Support Center More details
Joong-gu Multi-culture Family Support Center More details
Seo-gu Multi-culture Family Support Center More details
Daedeok-gu Multi-culture Family Support Center More details

Foreigner Support Web-site

Foreigner Support Web-site
Web-site URL
Immigration Office · Foreigner Policy Center
E-government for Foreigners
  • 담당부서 : 복지정책과
  • 담당자 : 유재희
  • 문의전화 : 042-270-4641