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South Africa Durban
(2007 to the present)
  • Location : The eastern coast of Kwazulu-Natal, the southernmost tip of Africa
  • Population : 3,500,000
  • Area : 2,297㎢
  • Language : English and Zulu
  • Website:

Durban (the English name is Durban, and in Zulu eThekwini, which means bay or lagoon) is famous for being the busiest port in South Africa and has the second largest population, making the city a metropolitan land area. As of 2007, the population was approximately 3,468,086, with the city area covering 2,291.89㎢. Durban accounts for 8 % of the country’s GDP, and its economic activity is mostly centered on manufacturing, metal, distribution and cement.

It is the largest city in the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal. It is also seen as one of the major centers of tourism because of the city’s warm subtropical climate and extensive beaches. It was the site where Mahatma Gandhi stayed to work as a lawyer from 1893 to 1915. The city hosted the 2010 South African World Cup and held the IOC Conference in 2011, which chose South Korea as a host nation for the 2018 Winter Olympics to be held in Pyeongchang.


Durban has a humid subtropical climate with hot and humid summers and pleasantly warm and dry, frost-free winters. Durban and its suburbs are hilly, making some of the areas of the western suburbs relatively cold in the winter. The city has an annual rainfall of 1,009mm.

The average temperature is 21°C, while during the months from January to March the maximum temperate is from 21 to 28°C, with temperatures ranging from 11 to 23°C in the winter, which lasts from

Tourist Attractions

  • The Golden Mile

    The Golden Mile (or, colloquially, “the Mile”) is a popular stretch of beachfront famous for its wide golden sands, which runs as long as 6km. It is one of the main tourist attractions among surfers, families and fishing lovers for its harmonization of beautiful natural surroundings and modern resorts. With its easy access to various urban attractions, the Mile provides excellent opportunities for families and couples to spend holidays.

  • uShaka Marine World

    Located on a strip of land between the beachfront and the harbor, the uShaka Marine world is one of the largest theme park aquariums in Africa, with an area of 15 hectares. The aquarium is home to a wide range of fish, including tropical fish and sharks of all sizes, which makes visitors feel as if they are actually swimming in the sea. It also features special programs that give visitors an opportunity to directly explore the sea, which includes a snorkel reef and touch pool.

  • Umgeni River Bird Park

    It takes only 10 minutes by car from downtown Durban to get to the Umgeni River Bird Park. The park was designed and built in an old quarry site. It contains beautiful bushy forests, big and small natural waterfalls, rocks and perches, which provide excellent opportunities for visitors to walk and watch birds. One of the major features of the park is the Free Flight Bird Show that includes birds ranging from African birds to macaws to cape eagles to herons, endangered species, etc.

History of Exchanges

History of Exchanges
May 12, 2007 The secretary general of the WTA, Oh Deok-sung, visits Durban and meets with the mayor
Sep.28, 2007 An MOU for a sister city agreement is signed in Durban
Nov.1- 2, 2007 The Durban mayor visits Daejeon and meets with the mayor, also visits the Daejeon Metropolitan Council, Daeduk Research & Development Area and World Cup Stadium
Oct. 9, 2008 The director of the Durban International Exchange Office pays a courtesy visit to the Daejeon mayor and participates in the WTA General Assembly in Daejeon
Sep. 21, 2011 Mayor Yum Hong-chul and seven delegates from Daejeon visit Durban and sign a sister city agreement, have a discussion with Mayor James Nxumale about future projects
Nov. 15- 20, 2011 A Durban economic delegation visits Daejeon, attends a WTA seminar
August, 2012 Junior soccer team from Durban attends Daejeon sistercity soccer match
Nov. 2019 Mayor of Daejeon attends the UCLG World Congress held in Durban and has a meeting with the mayor of Durban city
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