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Canada Calgary
(1996 to the present)
  • Location : Province of Alberta west of Canada (east of the Canadian Rockies)
  • Population : 1,231,000
  • Area : 825.29㎢
  • Website:

In 1988, Calgary became the first Canadian city to host the Olympic Winter Games and is known as the City of Snow. With a heritage of the magnificent history of the Western Canada, the modern city is surrounded by a superb panoramic view of the Rockies to the east and a wilderness of meadows to the west. As the second largest city in Canada, it sits in the ideal location in its geography. Economic activity in the vibrant city is mostly centered on the petroleum industry and benefits from the development of transportation. The city’s beautiful natural surroundings and its long history have also attracted a large number of people to shoot films there.


Calgary experiences a dry, humid continental climate with sunny days all year round. The average temperatures stand at -12℃ in January and 16℃ in July. During the winter months, warm and dry Chinook winds routinely blow into the city to raise temperatures close to that of spring months.


Thanks to having the headquarters of major petroleum companies in Calgary, the city is recognized as a Canadian leader in the oil and gas industry. As a result, engineering, consultation, exploration, drilling and pipeline construction are major petroleum-related industries in the city. More recently, due to its lax taxation compared to other cities and beautiful natural surroundings such as Banff and Jasper National Parks, IT-related industries have become significantly popular.

Industries such as tourism, agriculture and farming are also highly responsible for most of the income of the city. In particular, beef produced in Alberta is known for having the best quality in the world. In recent years, a rapid increase in the number of immigrants to Calgary has contributed to the economic boom in the construction industry and a rise in housing prices. The housing market is likely to bring a lot of economic benefits down the road.

Tourist Attractions

  • Canada Olympic Park

    This was the premiere site of the bobsleigh and luge events during the 1988 Olympic Winter Games. The park offers a guided tour every hour. Visitors can have the chance to put themselves in a bobsleigh, and the Olympic Hall of Fame and Museum exhibits collections and videos about the Olympic Games.

  • Glenbow Museum

    One of the four major museums in Canada, Glenbow Museum features collections ranging from Indians and the Inuit to the lives of contemporary Europeans. The exhibition of guns is especially popular.

  • Calgary Tower

    As a landmark attraction for Calgary, Calgary Tower is an observation deck that rises 191m. A magnificent view of the Rockies is available from the tower if weather permits. Visitors can also revel in a beautiful view of the surrounding nature without leaving their seats in a revolving restaurant located on the top portion.

  • Calgary Stampede

    The Calgary Stampede, an annual event, takes place in early July. The event features real rodeos and a chuck wagon race, and there is also horse racing that occurs an average of more than 200 days each year.

History of Exchanges

History of Exchanges
Sep. 1993 A discussion about civic exchanges is held in a PACOM meeting
Jan. 1994 Relationship principles between the cities are developed
Nov. 1994 A memorandum about the Daejeon vice mayor’ s visit to Calgary is exchanged
Mar. 1995 A delegation from Calgary visits Daejeon
May 1995 Calgary Mayor Al Duerr visits Daejeon
Mar. 4, 1996 A Daejeon delegation visits Calgary and signs a sister city relationship agreement
Nov.1996 The International Symposium for Science Cities Across the World is attended (one person)
Jun. 2-5, 1997 The Mayor’ s Meeting for Science Cities Across the World is attended
Sep.16-17, 1998 The inaugural general meeting of the WTA is attended
Nov. 10-13, 1999 The first WTA Daejeon Technomart is attended
Jul. 7-11, 2000 The 2000 Calgary Stampede is attended
May 7-11, 2001 Calgary International Business Week (IBW) is attended
Jul. 4-11, 2001 A Korean traditional percussion quartet participates in the 2001 Calgary Stampede
Apr. 1-Sep. 30, 2002 Daejeon City public officials are dispatched to Calgary
Feb. 28, 2002 Animals are donated to Daejeon Zoo (approximately 30 animals in nine types, including mountain goats)
May 1, 2002 Officials from Calgary Zoo are invited to the Daejeon Zoo opening ceremony (an official and one other person)
Apr. 1-Sep. 30, 2002 Public officials from Daejeon City are dispatched to Calgary City Hall
Jun. 16-18, 2002 Vice mayor participates in the sister city mayor’s meeting
Feb. 5, 2003 Korean books are donated to the Calgary Library (a total of 503 books, including 113 for children, 390 for adults)
Jan. 2004 The Daejeon Metropolitan Office of Education sends English teachers to Calgary to learn English
Aug. 11-17, 2004 The chief of the Office of Planning and Management Department and Korean traditional music ps participate in the Day of Korea Proclamation Commemoration Event in Calgary
Jan. 8-Feb. 5, 2005 The Daejeon Metropolitan Office of Education sends English teachers to Calgary to learn English (20 people)
Jun. 2005 The vice president of the Calgary Korean Society visits Daejeon
Aug. 10-17, 2005 The vice chairman of the Calgary Sister City Committee and three others participate in the 2nd Korea Day Ceremony
Aug. 26, 2005 The chairman of the Calgary Sister City Committee (Lee Won-Jae) visits Daejeon
April, 2013 Koren Musicians from Daejeon perform   in Calgary
Apr. 2017 Discusses art and cultural exchanges in commemoration of 20 years of sister city relationss
Oct. 2019 Daejeon delegation and Tram promotion team visits Calgary Transport and studies its Tram system
  • 담당부서 : 국제협력담당관
  • 담당자 : 박형순
  • 문의전화 : 042-270-3341