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Japan Ohda
(1987 to the present)
  • Location : Midwest coastal region of Shimane Prefecture, Japan
  • Population : 38,000
  • Area : 436㎢
  • Website:

Ohda is a city located in the central coastal portion of Shimane Prefecture. The city has plenty of natural and cultural surroundings, with 700 years of history. It is known for spa retreats and tourism, and has advanced ceramics and agricultural fishing industries. Ohda is home to silver mines, and one of its famous spas is Sanbe. Its Chinese city name is the same as Daejeon’s. (大田)


Ohda’s climate is usually temperate in the spring with longer sunny and relatively cool summers. The city receives frequent rain in the fall, during which the climate is also usually moderate.

Tourist Attractions

  • Sanbe Mountain

    This mountain is a tholoide (bell-shaped volcano) made up of six peaks that circle the top peak, Sanbe. At the center is the mouth of the volcano. The spa of Sanbe is also famous.

History of Exchanges

History of Exchanges
Nov. 14, 1987 Sister city relationship agreement is signed
May 1988 Sixteen delegates from Daejeon visit Ohda
Jun. 1988 Twenty members of the Dori Fisheries Study in Ohda visit Daejeon
Aug. 1988 Ohda teenagers visit Daejeon to learn about Korean classical music, 10 annual visits from Ohda from 1988 to 1997
Sep. 1989 The Ohda mayor visits Daejeon (9 people)
Oct. 1991 The director of the international exhibition support department and the chairman of the city assembly participates in the “91 Arbor Festival"
Oct. 1993 The Ohda mayor visits Daejeon’s 1993 International Expo (93 people)
Nov. 1993 The Yeonjeong Korean Classical Music Institute is sent to Ohda’s 40th Anniversary
Aug. 22-25, 1995 Ohda teenagers meet Daedeok Middle School students
Jan. 17- 20, 1996 Daedeok Middle School students visit Ohda, make two visits to Ohda until 1997
Nov. 8, 1997 Twenty-three Daejeon delegates attend the 10th anniversary of the sister city relationship between the two cities in Ohda
Jun. 13-15, 2000 Daejeon’s mayor visits Ohda
Aug. 17-19, 2000 Ohda’s delegates for exchange cooperation projects visit Daejeon
Sep. 2, 2000 Eighteen tourists from Ohda visit Daejeon
Nov. 6- 9, 2000 Daejeon’s mayor visits Ohda (10 people)
Feb. 14-17, 2001 The Daejeon Municipal Council’s chairman visits Ohda and exchanges good will agreements
May 29-Jun. 1, 2001 Ten Ohda municipal councilmen visit Daejeon
Sep. 27-Oct. 7, 2007 A Daejeon and Ohda art exhibition is held with 301 artists participating
Jan. 8, 2002 A Daejeon-Ohda mutual youth exchange visits (30 people)
Jun. 2002 A sister city mayor’s meeting (the vice mayor and two others) is held
Jul. 2002 Daejeon’s Chi-bin Moon Ballet performs in Ohda City Park (Chi-bin Moon and other 21 people)
Nov. 2002 A Daejeon-Ohda art exchange exhibition (total of 610 artworks) is held
Aug. 17-25, 2003 A Daejeon-Ohda youth exchange visits (25 people)
October 2003 The 1st sister city youth social meeting is held (28 people)
Nov. 2003 The Daejeon City Council chairman visits for the 50th year of the Ohda City Festival (four people)
Nov. 2003 The Ohda City Culture Interchange Cadre performs and is visited by a leader to Daejeon (four people)
Feb. 2004 A delegate for international exchange from the secretary-public relations department of Ohda visits Daejeon
Mar. 22-25, 2004 Ohda City Council members attend the 1st Korean Regional Autonomous Exhibition and the mayor of Ohda pays a courtesy visit to Daejeon (the vice-chairman and three others)
May 21, 2004 The president of the Ohda Cultural Association and one other visit Daejeon City Hall
Jun. 4, 2004 Ohda city’s Japan-Korea Goodwill chairman visits Daejeon City Hall (14 people)
Aug. 20, 2004 The chairman of the Ohda Juvenile Guidance Committee pays a courtesy visit to the mayor
Nov.12, 2004 Representatives of the Daejeon-Ohda sister cities committee visit Ohda, discuss business exchanges and open an exhibition for advertising Daejeon
Jan. 20, 2005 Representatives of the Ohda Municipal Council visit the Daejeon Municipal Council
Jul. 15-19, 2005 The city of Ohda invites Korean traditional performing arts and international arts exchange companies (36 people)
Jul. 28-Aug. 2, 2005 Representatives of the Daejeon-Ohda sister cities committee visit for youth exchanges (the chairman and 23 people)
Nov. 4, 2005 Sixteen members of Ohda’s Ohoya Kagura Performance team visit Daejeon to give a performance for the “Korea-Japan Traditional Music Concert”
Jun. 30-Jul. 03, 2006 A seminar on strengthening exchanges and cooperation in commemoration of the 1st anniversary of sister cities is held (10 people including the chairman of the sister cities committee)
Jul. 28, 2006 Representatives from Ohda, including Mayor Soichi Takegoshi, visit Daejeon City Hall and the municipal council, have a discussion with the major of Daejeon and attend the 10th anniversary ceremony
Aug. 17-21, 2006 Ohda teenagers visit Daejeon to learn about Baekje culture, have cultural experiences and a homestay
May 17, 2007 Two officials from Ohda international exchange visit Daejeon to have a discussion about a sister city ceremony
Jul. 26-31, 2007 Daejeon teenagers visit Ohda for homestay and cultural experiences
Oct. 18-21, 2007 The 20th anniversary of the Daejeon-Ohda sister city relationship is marked (all Daejeon municipal government officials, invitation performance by Ohda’s traditional performing arts team and photo exhibition)
Nov. 9-12, 2007 The 20th anniversary of the Daejeon-Ohda sister city relationship is marked (all Ohda municipal government officials and a performance by a Korean traditional performing arts team)
May 16, 2008 Ohda’s Kagura Team performs the traditional music of Korea, China and Japan
Aug. 7-11, 2008 Ohda teenagers visit Daejeon for homestay and cultural experiences
Jul. 2010 Daejeon teenagers visit Ohda for homestay and cultural experiences
Aug. 2011 Ohda teenagers visit Daejeon
Oct. 2011 Japan-Korea Friendship Association visits Daejeon
Aug. 2012 Daejeon teenagers visit Ohda
Aug. 2013 Ohda teenages visit Daejeon for exchanges
Jul. 2014 Daejeon teenagers visit Ohda
Jul. 2016 Ohda teenages visit Daejeon for Korea-Russia-Japan youth exchanges
Jul. 2018 Ohda teenages visit Daejeon for exchanges
Nov. 2018 Vice Mayor of Ohda visits Daejeons
  • 담당부서 : 국제협력담당관
  • 담당자 : 박형순
  • 문의전화 : 042-270-3341