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Sapporo, Japan
(From 2010 to now)


The average temperature in January is -4.1℃, in August is 21.7℃, and the annual average temperature is 8.2℃, while the annual rainfall is 1,141mm. The amount of snowfall is 1 to 2m in flat lands and 3m in the mountains. There is no particular rainy season or influences of typhoons.

Tourist Attractions

  • Sapporo Clock Tower

    This is a wooden building that was formerly an assembly hall and the gym of Sapporo Agricultural School (today’s Hokkaido University). It is the oldest clock tower in Japan.

  • Former Government Office of Hokkaido

    The office was made with 2.5 million red bricks and built in order to develop the area of Hokkaido. It was used for 80 years and designated as a national cultural asset in 1969.

  • Sapporo Beer Museum

    This is the only beer museum in Japan and shows the 100 years of history regarding the Japanese beer industry. It was established in 1890 as a sugar manufacturing factory and has been designated as a national cultural asset.

History of Exchanges

History of Exchanges
Nov. 2001 The director of economy from Sapporo participates in the WTA Techno Mart (two members)
Jan. 2002 Seontaek Gwon, deputy mayor, visits the convention center and discusses exchanges (nine members)
Dec. 24-29, 2003 35 teenagers from Sapporo experience Korean culture
Feb.26, 2004 Hongcheol Yeom, the mayor of Daejeon, signs a memorandum for economic exchange and promotion, and participates in e-silkroad. The Daejeon Technological Innovation Foundation signs an agreement of exchange and cooperation with Sapporo’s counterpart
Jul. 2004 The deputy mayor of Sapporo (five members) opens the Sapporo Exhibition Hall in Daedeok Techno Mart
Aug.9-13, 2004 30 teenagers from Daejeon experience Japanese traditional and modern culture
Aug.30, 2004 A delegation with the director of economy from Sapporo (12 members) visits Daedeok Valley and has a meeting with companies in Daejeon for economic cooperation
Oct. 2004 Gwanghui Kim, deputy mayor and director of corporate support, visits the Daejeon Exhibition Hall opened in Sapporo Valley, attends a meeting of Korean IT companies, and signs an agreement between Real Time Tech and Uchida
Nov. 2004 Ueda Fumio, the mayor of Sapporo, attends the Northeast Asian IT Forum (18 members)
Nov.11, 2004 Two officials from Sapporo attend the forum for Korea-China-Japan policies for women
Mar. 2005 An economic delegation from Sapporo visits Daejeon
Jul. 2005 The Korea-Japan Friendship Promotion Association visits Daejeon (12 members)
Sep. 30, 2005 The Sapporo Symphony Orchestra performs in Daejeon
Jun. 18, 2006 Members of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry hold a meeting for business exchanges between Daedeok Valley and Sapporo Valley
Oct.29-30, 2006 Danaka Genryu, the deputy mayor of Sapporo, visits Daejeon with two assistants to attend the Sapporo Seminar in Daejeon (Pai Chai University), and a courtesy visit is made by a deputy major
Jun.27-29, 2008 Four children from Daejeon participate in the Sapporo environmental conference
Aug.24-26, 2009 Seonggi Gang, officer of international education, visits Sapporo (five members) and discusses the sisterhood relationship and exchanges
Oct.17, 2009 The Korea-Japan amity association in Sapporo visits Daejeon (17 members) and attends various activities for promoting exchange
Feb.3-6, 2010 Yeongon Chu, advisor of international relations, participates with three other representatives in the 61st Sapporo Snow Festival
Jul.25-26, 2010 Ueda Fumio, the mayor of Sapporo, visits Daejeon (10 members)
Oct.20-23, 2010 Sapporo Hongcheol Yeom, the mayor of Daejeon, visits Sapporo (55 members) in order to set up a sisterhood relationship between the two cities
Nov.21-23, 2010 The director of tourism and culture, Sapporo, visits Daejeon with nine other representatives in order to promote the city, and a courtesy visit is made by the deputy mayor of Daejeon
Feb.4-7, 2011 Taekgu Lee, director of economy and industry, participates with seven other representatives in the 62nd Sapporo Snow Festival with a Daejeon civic delegation (100 people)
May 17-20, 2011 Four public officials from Daejeon serve in Sapporo for a short-term period
Jun.1, 2011 One public official (Miyaokka Hirosi) serves in Daejeon for a long-term period
Aug.1, 2011 One public official (Hunsik Seong) serves in Sapporo for a long-term period
2011. 9. 6 ~ 9. 9 Two public officials from Sapporo served in Daejeon for a short period
2011. 10. 7 ~ 19 A delegation of 99 people with Ueda Fumio, the mayor of Sapporo, participate in the festival of Filial Piety in commemoration of the 1st anniversary of the sisterhood relationship
May, 2012 Visitors from Sapporo attend WACS 2012 in Daejeon
August, 2012 Junior soccer team from Sapporo attends Daejeon Junior International Soccer Game
February, 2013 Representatives from Daejeon attend Snow Festival in Sapporo
October, 2013 Visitors from Sapporo take part in Food & Wine Festival in Daejeon
February, 2014 A Delegation from  Daejeon attends Snow Festival and was awarded best snow sculpture
Aug. 2014 Daejeon teenagers visit Sapporo for Korea-Russia-Japan youth exchanges
Nov. 2014 Sapporo delegation attends Global Innovation Forum in Daejeon
Feb. 2015 Daejeon delegation attends Sapporo Snow Festival
Jul. 2016 Sapporo teenagers visit Daejeon for Korea-Russia-Japan youth exchanges
Feb. 2017 Daejeon Mayor attends Sapporo Snow Festival
Sep. 2017 Vice Mayor of Sapporo attends 2017 APCS in Daejeon
Feb. 2018 Daejeon delegation attends Sapporo Snow Festival
Feb. 2019 Daejeon delegation attends Sapporo Snow Festival
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