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Binh Duong, Vietnam
(From 2005 to now)

Binh Duong, Vietnam, is experiencing fast growth with increasing foreign investment and has the second most industrial complexes after Dong Nai. It is well-known for Lai Thieu Orchard and lacquer paintings, as well as tourism. Saigon River and Dong Nai River run through the city, and Subway Line 1, constructed by the Korean army during the Vietnam War, is connected to Binh Duong. It was the most ferocious battlefield during the war.


It has a tropical climate, influenced by monsoons, and is usually hot and wet. The rainy season is from May to November, while the dry season is from December to April. The annual average temperature is 26.5℃ and is suitable for long- and short-term cultivation of crops because there are few natural disasters such as typhoons or floods.

Economic Development

Binh Duong’s GDP increased by 14% annually between 1997 and 2003, and by 15.1% in 2004. Of the GDP, 63.3% comes from the manufacturing industry, 26.7% from services, and 10% from agriculture. Major exports include clothes, leather shoes, ceramics, wood furniture, agricultural products, handicrafts, and lacquer handicrafts.

History of Exchanges

History of Exchanges
Dec. 15 The chairman of Binh Duong, Ho Minh Phung, visits Daejeon
Jan. 2004 The Baekje Rotary Club donates medical devices to Binh Duong (value of $7,000)
Apr. 19-23, 2004 The director of international relations from Daejeon visits Binh Duong to discuss a sisterhood relationship
Jul. 12-17, 2004 An exchange camp is held with youths from Binh Duong (19 teenagers)
Jan. 2005 A delegation visits Binh Duong in order to do research on infrastructure for exchanges (six members)
Apr. 2005 A public official serves in Daejeon through the K2H program
May 17, 2005 A delegation from Binh Duong visits and sets up a sisterhood relationship
Aug.1-8, 2005 An exchange camp is held with 15 youths from Daejeon
Oct. 30-Nov.4, 2006 A delegation from Daejeon (15 members, including the chairman) visits Binh Duong and exchanges a Letter of Intent
Jan.28-Feb.3, 2007 A delegation from Daejeon (eight members) visits Binh Duong to sign an MOU for the two cities
※ A visit to Laos as well in order to explore opportunities in the market
Jun.18-21, 2007 A delegation from Binh Duong (16 members) visits to discuss the development of an industrial complex and give a briefing on investment
May, 2012 Delegation from Binh Duong visits Daejeon and participates in WACS
February, 2014 Representatives from Daejeon visit Binh Duong to attend the ground-breaking ceremony for new cityhall building
Nov. 2015 10th anniversary of Sister city relationship
Apr~Oct. 2016 a public officer of Binh Duong works at Daejeon city hall through K2H Program
June. 2017 Opening the Daejeon Office in Binh Duong
Oct. 2018 Binh Duong hosts the WTA World Congress
Apr. 2019 Vice mayor of Daejeon visits Binh Duong
Oct. 2019 Binh Duong Delegation participates in the WTA Hi-Tech Fair in Daejeon
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