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Novosibirsk, Russia
(From 2001 to now)
  • Location : Novosibirsk Oblast, southwestern Siberia, Russia
  • Population : 1,567,000
  • Area : 502.7㎢
  • Languages : Russian
  • Website:

Novosibirsk became an oblast in 1937 and included the territory that is now Tomsk and Kemerovo from 1943 to 1944. Currently, there are twelve cities in Novosibirsk. The main stream of the river Ob runs northwest in the east of Novosibirsk, and the Irtysh River runs through the west. Lake Chany is located in the valley of the river Kargat and Chulym.
It was called Novonikolayevsk until 1925 but later received a new name, Novosibirsk. It started as a small city in 1893, built in a place where the Siberian Railway crossed the Ob River, and developed into a distribution and transportation hub. Its growth accelerated even more along with the development of Siberia after the revolution, and now Novosibirsk is one of the most industrialized cities in Russia.

Geographical Features

Much of Novosibirsk belongs to the wet lowlands of Siberia, divided into Barabinsk, a grassland steppe in the north, and Kulunda steppe in the south. And the southeast region is covered by Ob hill, which is 200-500 meters above sea level.


Novosibirsk has a typical continental climate with great temperature differences (January -24℃, July +22℃), and the vegetation/soil of taiga and steppes is observed in the area. The Kulunda steppe is a black-soil area, well known as the breadbasket of Siberia, producing a great amount of wheat sown in the spring. In addition, the area grows oats, barley, and sunflowers on a large scale. Heavy industry has been promoted around the city of Novosibirsk.


Novosibirsk is a major station of the Siberian Railway and is the transportation hub with branch lines to Barnaul and Kuzbass. It is considered a node where a river port, the railway, the airport, and road network are joined together. A 400,000-kW hydroelectric power plant was built as well in 1959. Novosibirsk has imported materials for metalwork from Kuzbass since 1930 and has developed machines for various industries such as power, transportation, and agriculture as well as factories for hydrostatic press gauges, machine tools, and metallurgy. Other industries developed in Novosibirsk are chemistry (chemicals and plastic), wood processing, and food (meat processing, milling, and dairy cream)

Tourist Attractions

  • Novosibirsk Regional Museum

    Materials and articles of nature and the history of Siberia are displayed, including the history of the Siberian Railway.

  • Akademgorodok

    A city built in 1958 near the artificial lake at the side of the river Ob. The population is 40,000 and a large number of scientific research institutes are located in this city, including the Russian Academy of Science (RAS).

History of Exchanges

History of Exchanges
1999 Exchanges between the two cities are suggested during an interchange between Paichai University and Novosibirsk State Technical University
Nov. 1999 The vice president of the Russian Academy of Science, located in Novosibirsk, attends the 1st WTA Daejeon Techno Mart and offers to set up a sisterhood relationship
Apr. 2000 A city delegation visits Novosibirsk to discuss exchanges
Oct. 2000 Novosibirsk ‘s admission to the WTA is accepted in April 2001
May 21, 2001 The mayor of Novosibirsk visits Daejeon and exchanges a Letter of Intent for exchanges
Oct. 22, 2001 A city delegation visits and sets up a sisterhood relationship
Nov. 2001 Sixteen representatives participate in the 2nd WTA Daejeon Techno Mart
Jun. 2002 A meeting of mayors is held (a mayor and his assistant are present)
Jul. 2002 Novosibirsk participates in a Korean trade show (12 companies and 15 representatives)
Nov. 2002 The Eurasia Forum is attended by the two cities (the planning director and his assistant)
Jun. 16-18, 2002 ※ Sisamo (People who love Siberia) made up of citizens who have visited Novosibirsk, is organized and a scholarship program is operated
A Daejeon Sister City Meeting is held by the two cities
Jul. 23-25, 2002 Novosibirsk participates in a Korean trade show (12 companies and 15 representatives)
Nov. 3-10, 2002 The Eurasia Forum is attended by the two cities (the planning director and his assistant)
Jun. 2003 A delegation, including the mayor of Daejeon, visits Novosibirsk in order to promote economic and scientific exchanges and to build up friendship
Aug. 6-Nov. 2, 2003 A public official of Novosibirsk is sent to Daejeon as part of the K2H program operated by the Foundation for International Relations of a Korean local government
Sep. 12-17, 2004 A permanent exhibition hall for Daejeon is discussed by directors of international trade
Nov. 2004 A permanent exhibition hall for Daejeon opens in Novosibirsk, and the opening ceremony is attended by the director of economy and science from Daejeon
Dec. 2, 2004 The director of the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet visits Daejeon
Dec. 10-11, 2004 The “Nut Cracker” is performed by the Novosibirsk Academic Ballet at Daejeon Art Center
Mar. 5, 2005 The director of international relations from Akademgorodok visits Daejeon
Jun. 2005 A delegation for market research was sent from Daejeon
Oct. 26-27, 2005 A delegation from Daejeon participates in the 4th WTA Techno Mart
Dec. 2, 2005 “Korea-Russia Friendship Day” and other PR activities are held by the Daejeon- Novosibirsk Sister City Committee
Sep.30, 2006 The senior researcher of the Nikolaev Institute of Inorganic Chemistry (Vladimir Fedorov) visits Daejeon to discuss exchanges
Oct.22-27, 2006 A delegation from Daejeon visits Novosibirsk to discuss the permanent exhibition hall (the director of international trade and his assistant)
Mar. 27-29, 2007 A re-opening ceremony of the exhibition hall is attended by the delegation (director of international trade and his assistant)
Oct. 10-15, 2009 The IAC and WTA High Tech Fair is attended by Deputy Mayor Victor Voronov and his assistant
June, 2011 MOU for 10-year-sistercity is signed
May, 2012 17 Delegates from Novosibirsk attend Daejeon WACS in 2012
June, 2012 Representatives from Daejeon attend 119th anniversary of Novosibirsk
August, 2012 Junior soccer team from Novosibirsk takes part in Daejeon Junior soccer game
June, 2013 Representatives from Daejeon attend 120th anniversary of Novosibirsk
Oct. 2015 Novosibirsk Delegation headed by the Vice Mayor participates in the World Innovation Forum in Daejeon
June. 2016 Daejeon Delegation attends the Day of Novosibirsk
Nov. 2016 Mayor of Novosibirsk visits Daejeon
June. 2017 Vice mayor of Daejeon attends the Day of Novosibirsk
Apr. 2018 Korean Speech Contest is held in Novosibirsk
June. 2018 Ambassador for international affairs of Daejeon attends the Day of Novosibirsk
June. 2019 Vice mayor of Daejeon attends the Day of Novosibirsk
Oct. 2019 Novosibirsk Delegation participates in the WTA Hi-tech Fair in Daejeon
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