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China Nanjing
(From 1994 to now)
  • Location : Located on the side of the Yangtze River and in Jiangsu near Shanghai
  • Population : 8,216,000
  • Area : 6,597㎢
  • Website:

Nanjing is the capital of Jiangsu Province. The city also has the painful history of the Nanjing Massacre.

Nanjing is one of the four oldest cities and one of the three hottest cities in China. But the city is cooled off and refreshed by sycamores lining the streets and green zones d by fortress walls.

The Ming Dynasty began in Nanjing and enjoyed peacetime for 11 years. Sun Yat-Sen destroyed the Qing Dynasty and established the interim government of the Republic of China in modern times. Although the massacre was perpetrated in Nanjing later, the city still boasts a long history as a time-honored city.
The Nanjing Fortress wall the old downtown area is 13 to 25 meters high, runs for 34 kilometers and is the longest fortress wall in the world. Originally, Nanjing was a consumption-oriented city. Besides its traditional textile industry, which is about 20 years old , the growth of the machinery, steel, food and chemical industries enables Nanjing to grow into the largest industrial city in Jiangsu Province. The city is the academic and cultural center of the Huazhong region. The city is also home to Nanjing University and other higher education institutions and famous historic sites that suggest Nanjing’s historic background. To the south of Purple Mountain is the Zhongshan Mausoleum, the tomb of Sun Wen. To the south of the mountain is the Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum, the tomb of the Hongwu emperor.


This area belongs to the humid subtropical zones and has four distinct seasons and much rain. Its average temperature is 15.6℃ while its average rainfall is 1106㎜. Its rainy season is June and July.

Tourist Attractions

  • Xuanwu Lake Park

    Xuanwu Lake served as a resting place for many kings in the Southern Song period. The lake was turned into a park around the end of the Qing Dynasty. Five islands belong to the park, which boasts a palace, a pavilion, gardens and a zoo. Xuanwu Lake is the largest lake in Nanjing and is d by cities and mountains. On a boat cruise you can look at the willows that line the lake’s bank.

  • Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge

    The Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge is the longest bridge in China. People walk across and cars drive on the 4.5km-long upper bridge of the double-decked bridge, while the 6.7km-long lower deck is part of a railway. The entrance is decorated with 22 double arches. At both the ends of the bridge are two 70-meter-tall towers. At night, 1,900 lamps light up the bridge.

  • Linggu Temple

    Linggu Temple was built in the east of Zhongshan Mausoleum in 514 and moved to the current location. The temple has nine-story octagonal Linggu Pagoda and famous buildings of the Ming Dynasty. The temple is the only Buddhist building still remaining intact in China.

  • Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum

    Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum was built as the tomb of Emperor Hongwu, the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty, in 1383. The mausoleum was significantly damaged when the second emperor Yongle moved the capital to Beijing. Most of the structures that ringed the tomb were destroyed during the early period of the Qing Dynasty, but a few of them still remain.

  • Nanjing Museum

    Nanjing Museum is famous for having the biggest collection in China. People can easily learn the history of Jiansu Province at this museum. Notable among about 3,000 items that the museum houses is a 300-year-old duck egg, funeral clothes studded with green jadeite and a map that shows about 300 years of Nanjing.

History of Exchanges

History of Exchanges
Sep. 1993 The general manager of Nanjing International Exchange expresses the will for exchanges with Daejeon
Jan. 1994 A Nanjing City delegation visits Daejeon and exchanges a letter of intent with Daejeon
Mar. 1994 A working-level delegation from Daejeon visits Nanjing
May 30, 1994 A delegation from Nanjing, including its mayor, visits Daejeon
May 1994 The Daejeon-Nanjing Friendship Council (42) is formed
Aug. 25, 1994 An official from Daejeon is dispatched to Nanjing Univ.
Oct. 1994 Five Nanjing athletic officials visit and watch the 75th National Sports Festival in Daejeon
Nov. 15, 1994 A sisterhood treaty is signed.
Mar. 26-Apr. 3, 1995 Nanjing TV officials visit Daejeon and discuss exchanges with Daejeon MBC
Sep. 12-17 1995 The first Daejeon-Nanjing sports exchange (in Daejeon) is held / The exchanges are held annually
Sep. 28-Nov. 26, 1995 The China Paleontology Fossils Exhibition is held (National Science Museum)
Sep. 30-Oct. 4, 1995 A Daejeon University delegation visits Nanjing signs a medical exchange agreement and agrees on exchanges
Nov. 12-17, 1995 The first Daejeon-Nanjing Calligraphy and Art Exhibition is held (Daejeon) / The exchange is held annually
Jul. 1-2, 1996 The mayor of Daejeon visits Nanjing
Nov. 19-21, 1996 The World of Science and Technology City Symposium is attended
Jun. 2-5, 1997 The World Science and Technology City Mayoral Conference is attended
Jun. 20, 1997 The Daejeon MBC-Nanjing TV sisterhood treaty is signed
Jul. 13-14, 1997 A Nanjing chemical industry delegation visits Daejeon
Sep. 22-27, 1997 A Daejeon delegation participates in a meeting with Nanjing officials and attends a trade fair in Nanjing
Nov. 8, 1997 The first Daejeon-Nanjing literary exchange is held (in Daejeon). They have been held every year since then
Jul. 5-7, 1998 Nanjing economic delegation visits Daejeon
Sep. 16-17, 1998 The WTA inaugural meeting is attended
Sep. 18-23, 1998 A Daejeon delegation participates in a meeting with Nanjing officials and attends a trade fair in Nanjing
Nov. 29-30, 1998 A Nanjing goodwill delegation visits Daejeon
Jun. 13-18, 1999 The 5th Daejeon-Nanjing athletic exchange is held (in Daejeon)
Aug. 31-Sep. 5, 1999 The 4th Daejeon-Nanjing Calligraphy and Art Show is held (in Nanjing)
Sep. 17-21, 1999 A Daejeon delegation participates in a trade fair in Nanjing
Nov.10-13, 1999 The WTA Daejeon Techno Mart is attended
May 22-27, 2000 The 5th Daejeon-Nanjing Calligraphy and Art Show is held (in Daejeon)
May 30-31, 2000 A Nanjing agricultural delegation visits Daejeon
Jun. 19-24, 2000 The 7th Daejeon-Nanjing goodwill sports exchange is held (in Nanjing)
Oct. 18-20, 2000 The second WTA Nanjing general meeting is held
Nov. 13-17, 2000 The chairman of the city visits Nanjing
Apr. 16-21, 2001 The 7th Daejeon-Nanjing goodwill sports exchange is held (in Nanjing)
Apr. 27-May. 2, 2001 Nanjing participates in the 3rd Daejeon-Chungcheong SME Fair (in Daejeon)
May 28-30, 2001 A Nanjing economic and goodwill delegation visits Daejeon
Jun. 18-20, 2001 A Nanjing Municipal People’s Congress delegation visits Daejeon
Jun. 26-Jul. 1, 2001 The 6th Daejeon-Nanjing Calligraphy and Art Show is held (in Nanjing)
Nov. 5-10, 2001 Three companies participate in the 2nd WTA Techno Mart
May 3-7, 2002 The Daejeon-Nanjing Calligraphy and Art Exhibition is held
Jun. 10-15, 2002 A Daejeon-Nanjing friendly athletic competition is held
Jun. 16-18, 2002 A conference of the mayors of Daejeon’s sister cities is held.
Mar. 2003 An investment conference for the vice mayor of Nanjing is held
Aug. 2003 A Daejeon calligraphy and art delegation visits Nanjing (for the eighth time)
Aug. 2003 A Daejeon sports delegation visits Nanjing (for the ninth time)
Oct. 2003 The Daejeon-Nanjing Calligraphy and Art Exhibition is held(in the Nanjing Calligraphy Exhibition Hall)
Oct. 2003 The 1st International Sister City Youth Camp is held by the International Exchange Culture Center
Mar. 2004 The deputy mayor of Nanjing visits Daejeon
Apr. 2004 A Nanjing calligraphy and art delegation visits Daejeon
Apr. 30-May 4, 2004 Deputy Mayor for Political Affairs Kim Gwang-hee attends the’04 World Famous Historical and Cultural City Fair
Oct. 18-19, 2004 Six officials from the Nanjing People’s Congress Standing Committee participate in a ceremony to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the sisterhood treaty in Daejeon and plant a tree.
Nov. 8-10, 2004 Twelve people, including Vice Mayor Gu Gi-chan and members of the Sister City Committee, participate in an event to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Daejeon-Nanjing treaty, plant a tree and participate in the opening ceremony for Daejeon’s office in Nanjing
Nov. 10-11, 2004 The Korea-China International Forum on Women’s Policy is held at the Daejeon Culture and Arts Center (four Nanjing representatives attend the forum)
Mar. 2005 The deputy mayor of Nanjing pays a goodwill visit to Daejeon
May 2005 The Daejeon-Nanjing Calligraphy and Art Exhibition is held(in Nanjing)
Jun. 2005 A Nanjing Library working-level group visits Hanbat Library and discusses friendly and cooperative projects
Aug. 17, 2005 A Nanjing youth delegation visits Daejeon and takes a tour of the Daedeok R&D Complex (17 people, including a vice chairman)
Sep. 26, 2005 The vice-chancellor of Nanjing University and two others sign a friendly agreement on a visit to Daeseong High School
Oct. 9-13, 2005 A Daejeon sports delegation visits Nanjing (five persons)
Nov. 7-12, 2005 Officers of a Nanjing sports delegation visit Daejeon (five persons)
Nov. 8, 2005 Three Daejeon representatives take part in the Second International Forum on Korea-China Women’s Policy (in Nanjing)
Dec. 13, 2005 A Nanjing economic delegation (five persons) visits Daejeon
Dec. 13, 2005 Six Daejeon city council members visit Nanjing
Apr. 2006 The 11th Daejeon-Nanjing Calligraphy and Art Exhibition is held (in Daejeon)
May 16, 2006 Four Nanjing city administration school officials visit the Public Worker Training Center of Daejeon
Jun. 22, 2006 Nanjing officials (20 including its head) visit Daejeon about economic policy issues
Sep. 1-3, 2006 The WTA Secretariat OTC and another official attend the 2nd China International Software EXPO in Nanjing
Sep. 22-25, 2006 The vice mayor of Daejeon takes part in the 2006Nanjing World Famous Historical and Cultural City Fair
Mar. 30, 2007 The head of the Daejeon International Trade Team visits Nanjing and asks for support for Daejeon’s office in Nanjing
Apr. 2, 2007 A high-ranking Nanjing official tours the Advanced Business Promotion Foundation and the ETRI
Apr. 5, 2007 A Nanjing economic cooperation and investment promotion delegation (six people) visits Daejeon
Apr. 9-12, 2007 The 12th Daejeon-Nanjing Calligraphy and Art Exhibition is held (in Nanjing 166 works)
Apr. 18, 2007 Six high-ranking Nanjing officials, including the vice mayor, visit Daejeon to celebrate the inauguration of a new mayor and to induce investment
Aug. 20-25, 2007 Daejeon-Nanjing sports exchanges are held (22 ps such as basketball ps and swimmers)
Sep. 10-12, 2007 The Daejeon-Chungcheong Investment Fair for foreign companies is held in Nanjing (35 businesspeople and officials from Daejeon)
Sep. 29-Oct. 2, 2007 The 2nd Nanjing Cultural Industry Fair is held (the Daejeon Folk Art Company participates and puts on cultural and artistic performances)
Oct. 21, 2007 Four members of Nanjing People’s Committee visit the Daejeon City Council
Dec. 18-21, 2007 The Nanjing Cultural Troupe visits Daejeon
Apr. 14-19, 2008 The 13th Daejeon-Nanjing Calligraphy and Art Exhibition is held (in Daejeon, 144 works)
Apr. 28-May 3, 2008 The 6th Daejeon-Nanjing goodwill sports exchange is held in Nanjing (basketball, swimming)
May 14-16, 2008 Vice Mayor Park, Chan-woo visits Nanjing and signs an MOU for exchange programs, etc.
Nov. 2-7, 2008 The Gubong Folk Art Company (26 people) attends the Festival of History and Culture Fair and Nanjing Citizens Art Festival
May 8-9, 2009 An event is held to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Daejeon-Nanjing sister city agreement (an exchange promotion agreement, Nanjing photo show, planting an anniversary tree) / Six government officials, including Nanjing Vice Mayor Wang and four members of the Nanjing Culture and Arts Exchange Delegation, visit Daejeon
May 11-17, 2009 The 14th Daejeon-Nanjing Calligraphy and Art Exhibition is held (in Nanjing, 140 works)
Jul. 20, 2009 Seven fire department officials from Nanjing visit Daejeon, obtain fire prevention information and exchange information with Daejeon officials
Aug. 21, 2009 Officials from the Small Business Administration of Nanjing visit companies in Daejeon
Aug. 24-29, 2009 The 15th Daejeon-Nanjing sports exchange is held in Daejeon (baseball, archery)
Nov. 9-12, 2009 Daejeon City Council members visited Nanjing for friendship
Dec. 3-7, 2009 About 20 middle school students from Nanjing conduct youth exchange programs
Apr. 12-17, 2010 The 16th Daejeon-Nanjing sports exchange is held in Nanjing (baseball, archery)
Jul. 1-6, 2010 The 15th Daejeon-Nanjing Calligraphy and Art Exhibition is held (in Daejeon, 170 works)
Jul. 21-27, 2010 Twenty youths from Daejeon visit a middle school, conduct cultural exchanges and visit a museum in Nanjing
Nov. 1-5, 2010 Daejeon International Relations Advisor Choo Yeon-gon and another person visit Nanjing, invite Nanjing to the WTA and discuss ways to promote friendship
April, 2011 Calligraphers from Daejeon attend 18th Nanjing Calligraphy Contest
May, 2011 Representatives from Daejeon visit and sign the MOU for medical exchanges
July, 2011 Teams from Nanjing visit Daejeon for 17th sports exchange
October, 2011 Education officials from Nanjing visit Daejeon City Hall and Daejeon Metroploitan Office of Education
Sep. 2014 20th ceremony to celebrate sister city relationship between two cities
May. 2016 Vice Mayor of Nanjing visits Daejeon
June. 2018 Mayor of Nanjing visits Daejeon
Sep. 2018 Vice Mayor of Daejeon visits Nanjing
July. 2019 Students exchange program between Hwajung Elementary School in Daejeon and Buksan Elementary School in Nanjing
Oct. 2019 Students of Daejeon visit Nanjing for cultural experience
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