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  • Bus routes / subway-linked buses: 104,106,216,316,617,618,703,705,911,918
  • Subway: Line 1 (City Hall)

By car/ for Daejeon Station (Daejeon IC)

War IC → → Go straight → turn right on the 4th Street Jungri for Hanbat College → Hanbat Bridge turn left at Saemmeori 4 Ga → Chungcheon Postal Office → Daejeon City Hall

For Expo (Daedeok Valley IC)

Daeduck Valley (formerly North Daejeon) IC → turn left go straight ahead → → Daeduck Convention Town (formerly, Daeduck Lotte Hotel) → go straight turn right at Galleria Department Store Intersection → → Daejeon City Hall

Seodaejeon IC

Seodaejeon IC → go straight (Jinjam Town Apartments, Gasuwon Bridge) → Turn right in Jeongrim-dong for the elevated road → turn left on the elevated road → Go straight (Pai Chai University, Gyeongseong Big Town) → turn right at the Galleria Department Store Intersection Daejeon City Hall

Yuseong IC

Yuseong IC → turn right → go straight for Hanbat College (Chungnam National University, Gapcheon Bridge) → after e-Mart, turn right at the first intersection → Daejeon City Hall

  • 담당부서 : 정보화담당관
  • 담당자 : 최미선
  • 문의전화 : 042-270-3236