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bullet As of June, 2018

  • Birth


  • Death

    Death20.5 people

  • Marriage

    Marriage21.2 couple

  • Divorce

    Divorce7.3 couple

  • Moving in

    Moving in/out238.7people/286.8people

  • Local Tax Income KRW

    Local Tax Income KRW4.69 billion

  • Building permits

    Construction Permissions 9.0

  • New businesses

    New businesses3.9

  • Passport Issues

    Passport Issues 618

  • Water Supply Per Person

    Water Supply Per Person309ℓ

  • City Gas consumption

    City Gas consumption2,570 million ㎥

  • Fuel Consumption

    Fuel Consumption2,696㎘

  • Sewage throughput

    Sewage throughput619 thousand ㎥

  • Increase in number of vehicles

    Registration of vehicles27.7

  • Subway commuters

    Subway population109,741

  • City bus users

    City bus users406,473

  • Traffic accidents

    Traffic accidents20.6

  • Fires


  • Emergency Rescues by

    Emergency Rescues by 11922.4