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  • Emblem

    The emblem expresses citizen’s dreams and ideals to see Daejeon become the center of the nation’s land, transportation, administration, science, culture, and distribution

  • Flower: White Magnolia

    Daejeon’s flower is the white magnolia, which stands for friendship.
    Very beautiful white magnolia flowers bloom before the leaves come out in spring. This flower symbolizes the graceful and elegant spirit of our citizens.

  • Bird: Korean Magpie

    The official bird of Daejeon is the Korean Magpie. According to Korean folklore, Korean magpies bring close friends and good news to people if it sings in the morning. The magpie gives people nice feelings.

  • Tree: Pine Tree

    Pine trees have seen the Korean people’ s joys and sorrows. They are graceful. Their greenness and constancy parallel the spirit of the old people of virtue in Daejeon.

  • Character


    Little Prince ‘Hanggumi’ was born in the city of dreams and keeps Hanbit Tower. The character symbolizes the "future and science", the images of Daejeon. Its overall shape contains the courage of Daejeon citizens who will overcome any hardships, standing proudly at the beginning of the new millennium. The headphone and accessories are symbols of the network era. At the heart are Daejeon citizens.


    ‘Kkumdoli’ is the official mascot of Daejeon Expo ‘93. The character is a space baby fairy who can present the future of mankind, peace and co-prosperity, and give young people hope and dreams through the development of science, technologies and industry.

  • 담당부서 : 정책기획관
  • 담당자 : 박주아
  • 문의전화 : 042-270-3061