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The World Technopolis Association(WTA) is an NGO-based multilateral international organization created in 1998 with the purpose of connecting the advancement of science and technology to regional development.

World Technopolis Association

An era of Knowledge-based societies the development of science and technology leads directly to the welfare and prosperity of mankind. Only countries, cities and enterprises that excel in cutting-edge science and technology will be able to take leading role in this new era. In particular, regional competitiveness is crucial to national competitiveness in this age of localization and globalization. Therefore, local governments perform a variety of developmental strategies to enhance regional competitiveness in order to take full advantage of regional potential for locally generated growth and innovation.

Technopolis to boost regional economic growth and innovation Technopolis development based on science and technology parks can boost economic development and increase innovative capacity in a region. It aims to enhance innovative capacity and foster strategic industry through the interaction and close linkage among governments, research institutes, HEIs and high-tech industries for greater regional and national competitiveness. It also plays an important role in complementing regional business activities as a catalyst for change by both promoting the establishment of new businesses and furthering the growth of existing businesses.

Global Networks for mutual cooperation among Technopolises By competing against each other, Technopolises enhance their competitiveness in the era of knowledge-based society. The creation of collaborative partnerships and the promotion of knowledge and technology exchange among Technopolises can be extremely useful to boosting global competitiveness. In particular, successful experiences from world science cities can upgrade hi-tech capability through closer cooperation between local governments, HEIs, R&D centers, and hi-tech industries in a region.

WTA launched as a multilateral international organization Daejeon Metropolitan City established the World Technopolis Association in 1998 with the purpose to connect the advancement of science and technology with regional development innovation.

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