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지도 샘플 이미지

(396 Mannyeon-dong) 135, Dunsan-daero, Seo-gu, Daejeon, Korea Tel. +82-42-610-2222 Fax. +82-42-270-8129

Information on the parking lot

  • For those who visited Daejeon Culture & Arts Center with a vehicle, free parking is available at the outdoor parking lot at the center entrance and underground parking lot.

Transportation Guide

By City Bus
대전예술의전당으로 오시는 시내버스 정보가 확인됩니다.
In front of the Door of the Center
Route No. Interval 1st stop Major stops Last stop Stop to get off
911 13 minutes Smart City Yuseong Hot Spring Station → Gapcheon Station → Wolpyeong Station → Galma Station → Daejeon Metropolitan City Hall → Ggumnamu Apt. → Daejeon Arts Center → Seo-gu Health Center Jaun-dong In front of the Door of the Center
606 15 minutes Jaun-dong Sinseong-dong → Daedeok Middle School → Saemmeori Apt → Daejeon Arts Center → Daejeon Station Sinheung-dong
618 20 minutes Daejeon University Gao-dong → Hanbat Library → Seodaejeon 4(sa)-ga → City Hall Transit Place → Gov’t Hall Station → Daejeon Arts Center DCC
대전예술의전당으로 오시는 시내버스 정보가 확인됩니다.
Mannyeon-dong (Daedeokdaero 135), Seo-gu Health Center Takes about a 10-minute walk from the Municipal Arts Gallery
Route No. Interval 1st stop Major stops Last stop Stop to get off
104 18 minutes Sutong-gol Hanbat National University → National Memorial Board Station → Jangdae Middle School → Seo-gu Health Center → Nuri Apt. rear gate → Shark Zone Tanbang Station Seo-gu Health Center
604 15 minutes Sinheung-dong Geumgang River Basin Environmental Office → Seo-gu Health Center → Dunsan Police Station → Gyeongseong Keunmaul Apt. → Chungnam Women's High School → Chungmu Gym Jaun-dong
301 13 minutes Bongsan-dong Songgang Elementary School → Daedeok Middle School → Seo-gu Health Center → Seo-Dunsan Police Station → Dae-a Apt → Sanseong Cross Rd Daejeon O-World
318 16 minutes Daejeon O-World Munhwa Elementary School → Seodaejeon Station → Lotte Department Store → Galleria Department Store → Seo-gu Health Center → Korea Research Institute Of Standard and Science Daeduk University
705 14 minutes Sintanjin Daedeok-gu Health Center → Daedeok Police Station → Techno Valley 11th/12th Complexes → Trade Exhibition Center → Seo-gu HealthCenter City Hall
918 15 minutes Tamnip-dong Donghwa Apt. → Sejong Apt. → Daedeok Middle school → Seo-gu Health Center → Hanbat Elementary School → City Hall Transit Place City Hall
By Subway
  • Get off at the Government Hall Station and leave through Exit No. 3
  • Turn right at Dunsan Police Station, and then walk for 15~20 minutes. Located at the opposite side of the Government Hall North Gate
By Express Bus
  • Daejeon (Dongbu) Express Bus Terminal/Dongbu Suburban Bus Terminal Inquiry-call : 042- 625-8701
  • Yuseong Express Bus Terminal (Inquiry-call : 042-822-0386)
    • Take general city bus No.911.
  • Dunsan Express Bus Stop (Inquiry-call : 042-485-0181)
    • You can reach it by foot when getting off at Dunsan Express Bus Stop.
By Train
  • Daejeon Station (Inquiry-call : 042-259-2429)
    • Take general city bus No. 606 or subway.
  • Seodaejeon Station (Inquiry-call : 042-535-6191)
    • Take general city bus No. 618 or subway.
By Air
  • Gimpo Airport to the Daejeon Government Complex Connection Bus Time Table (Inquiry-call : 042-535-6191)
  • Gimpo Airport → the Daejeon Government Complex 07:30 09:00 11:00 16:00 19:00
  • Daejeon Dongbu Bus Terminal → Gimpo Airport 07:10 12:10 15:00 17:00 19:10
    • (Buses will leave from Government Complex about 15 minutes later from the time stated on this time table)