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대전관광명소 12선 - TOP 12 TOURIST 대전관광

12 Attractions of Daejeon

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Uineungjeongi Cultural Street
Cultural Facility
164, Jungang-ro, Jung-gu Daejeon
  • Introduction

    Uineungjeongi Cultural Street was the Mecca of the government administration, business and traditional culture in the central region from the 1960s to the 1980s. Now, it is emerging as an art and cultural street. About 150 art and culture-related shops and facilities (ex: Gallery, performance theater, exhibition & performance facilities, atelier, ceramic shop, antique store, etc.) are clustered along this street. In addition, a variety of fun and exciting events such as the Uineungjeongi Festival, Youth Mime Festival and the Art and Cultural Street Festival are held on this street.