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대전관광명소 12선 - TOP 12 TOURIST 대전관광

12 Attractions of Daejeon

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Ppuri Park
Cultural heritage
79, Ppurigongwon-ro, Jung-gu, Daejeon
  • Introduction

    The Ppuri Park is a great place to learn loyalty and filial piety with sculptures that symbolize a family name to make people aware of their pedigree and realize that they are the descendents of the Korean race. This park features a variety of facilities including a sculpture of family name, Sasindo (the painting of four gods) and Sibijiji (the twelve terrestrial branches)-shaped spring water, waterside stage on which various events are held, the forest park, observatory, octagonal pavilion, recreational forest and the nature observation garden. In addition, there are 30 mini motor cars (2 seats, for preschoolers and elementary school students), Traffic Safety Education Center where traffic signs and pedestrian traffic lights are installed, nature observation trail and the arboretum. This park attracts visitors with a variety of cultural events (ex: Family name sculpture installation and unveiling ceremony, provincial friendship tournament, children’s day event, senior citizens’ event, sign language singing park, music concert, etc.) and fascinating facilities (ex: Octagonal pavilion ‘Jasanjeong,’ chestnut tree park, pleasant trail, waterside stage, fountain, etc.).

  • Information
    • Parking Facility : Free parking area
    • Additional Facilities:

      • Restaurant(s): Jangsu Dubuchon • Shopping: Daejeon Agricultural & Fisheries Product Distribution Center