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대전관광명소 12선 - TOP 12 TOURIST 대전관광


대전시_대덕구_회덕향교대성전_전경1.JPG 이미지
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Daeseongjeon Shrine of Hoeduckhyanggyo Confusian School
Cultural heritage
126, Daejeon-ro, 1397 beonan-gil, Daedeok-gu
  • Introduction

    The Hoeduck Confucius Temple was built in the early Joseon Dynasty and was burned down during the Imjinwaran, the war with Japan and rebuilt in about 1600. In the fall of 1821, it was renovated. Daeduckgu Daejeon belonged to Hoeduckhyeon in the Joseon Dynasty, and Eupnaedong was the administrative center of Hoeduckhyeon. This Sanctuary facing the south is located 400 m hill side north of the Hoeduck administrative district (it is the next open space of the current Uepnedong Hoeduck 1 dong Office). The temple has mortuary tablets of the five Chinese sages (Confucius, Anja, Jeongja, Jaja and Mencius) in the center, those of four7