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대전관광명소 12선 - TOP 12 TOURIST 대전관광

12 Attractions of Daejeon

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Daejeon O World
Cultural Facility
70, Sajeonggongwon-no, Jung-gu
  • Introduction

    Experience the amazing and wonderful fun in O-world. This is the integrated theme park that combines 「Zoo Land, Flower Land and Joy Land」 that all the family can enjoy. It integrated the Daejeon Zoo that opened May 5, 2002 and Flower Land which opened May 1, 2009. The result was a park with a total 682,830㎡ (Zoo: 583,057㎡ + Flower Land: 99,773㎡) - the biggest theme park in the middle of South Korea.

  • Information
    • Additional Facilities:

      1. Animals : 600 animals of 130 species (lions, tigers, monkeys and Korean wolves, etc)
      2. The ride facility : 17 pieces (Flume Ride, Giant Drop, Super Biking, etc)
      3. Sled : Four Seasons, [Slope: 36.5m wide × 115.7m long (adults, children)]
      4. Safari : African Safari, Mountain Safari, and Sculpture Park.
      5. Forest : 30ha (5.5km Hiking Trail /Multi-purpose open space, lawn open space, octagonal pavilion, etc)
      6. Four Season Open Spaces : Four season garden, Rose of Sharon Garden, Rose Garden, Maze Garden, Herb Garden, etc.
      7. Performance Venue : Rainbow Stage (Zoo Land), Outdoor Venue