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대전관광명소 12선 - TOP 12 TOURIST 대전관광


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Sikjangsan Mountain Forest
Natural Ecology
Daesung-dong Dong-gu Daejeon
  • Introduction

    The Sikjangsan Mountain is located on the boundary of Gunseomyeon and Gunbukmyeon of Okcheon in the Chungbuk province. It is considered Deajeong’s guardian mountain. It overlooks the busy downtown scene of Daejeonand the Gejoksan Mountain, located northwest of Bomusan. It faces the beautiful Daecheong Lake located northeast of Daejeon. Also, its magnificent figure recedes into neighboring mountains: the Geryongsan Mountain, Dedunsan Mountain and the Seodesan Mountian. The Sikjangsan Mountain has beautiful and mysterious geographical features with its gorges full of rare plants, rich legends and historical sites. Harmonious with the fantastic rocks and stones, old trees, and the fresh clear flowing water, the gorges give comfort to Daejeoncitizens all year round.

  • Information
    • Parking Facility : free