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대전관광명소 12선 - TOP 12 TOURIST 대전관광


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Ppuri Park
Natural Ecology
79, Ppurigongwon-ro, Jung-gu, Daejeon
  • Introduction

    This park is an educational place where the young generations can know their origins and appreciate their ancestors. It has the first sculpture that symbolizes the family name. The park accommodates 136 sculptures that show the origin of each family name, a picture that shows 4 animals to symbolize the world’s affairs, springs that configurate 12 gods, stages for special events, open lawn spaces , an observatory, pavilion, and a forest, and nature learning center. Other facilities are the mini motor (30 two-person cars) cars that kindergarten and elementary students can use, a traffic safety education center with traffic signs, traffic lights, a nature learning center, an arboretum, a forest, and a wild flower and plant room. It opens 07:00~21:00 (November to February), 06:00~22:00(March to October). Number 313 and 316 buses run to this park.