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대전관광명소 12선 - TOP 12 TOURIST 대전관광


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Maninsan Mountain
Natural Ecology
Haso-dong Dong-gu Daejeon City
  • Introduction

    This means that the mountain is the deeper and higher than other mountain. Maninsan is a high mountain with a ten thousand gil long. Bongsuremigol in this mountain is source of daejeon river. In the spring, the azaleas and mountain cherry blossoms cover this mountain like spreading snow. In May, the greens of this mountain are magnificent. Visitors can enjoy local foods such as a “Korean Dinner” in the Maninsan Rest Area, and Bulgogi and some loach soup of Majeon. The special local products are grapes from Sanne and honey. To the south of Maninsan is Taebong hill, the tomb of Lee Sungge, the first king of Joseon Dynasty. The tomb was damaged during the Japanese colonial era but restored after experiencing a lot of difficulties.

  • Information
    • Fee : Free
    • Parking Facility : None