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대전관광명소 12선 - TOP 12 TOURIST 대전관광


Cultural heritage interpreter

A cultural heriage interpreter refers to a person who helps tourists have a better understanding
of cultural heritage through kind explanation on history and culture

  • Manpower staffing by zone
    Manpower staffing by zone
    Zone Cultural Heritage and Tourist Attractions No. of Interpreters Full-time Workplace
    Total 42 places in 8 zones (8 full-time places) 45
    the old downtown former chungcheongnam-do office building, Seonhwa-dong, daeheung-dong 5 former chungcheongnam-do office building
    Daejeon station downtown traditional Jungang market, daejeon art center, 4 Narae Daejeon Traditional hall
    Mt. Bomunsan Area Ppuri Park, Bomun Sanseong Fortress, Seated Buddha Carved on Rock Cliff, Bongsoru, Yuhoedang House, Jeongsaeng-dong Kiln Site, Museum of Genealogy 8 Ppuri Park
    Uam Historic Park Namganjeongsa, Namgansa Temple, Gigukjeong Pavilion, Sammaedang Hall, Songjadaejeon Block, Memorial Stone of Park Paeng-nyeon 5 Uam Historic Park
    Dongchundang Area Dongchundang Park, Dongchundang Old House, Song Yong-eok’s House, Ssangcheongdang Old House, Songaedang Separate House, Hoedeok Hyanggyo Confucian School, Jewoldang Pavilion, Okojae Hall, Okryugak Pavilion 5 Dongchundang
    Intangible Cultural heritage Inheritance Center Intangible Cultural heritage Inheritance Center 4 Intangible Cultural heritage Inheritance Center
    Yuseong Area Sunghyeon Seowon Confucian School, Suungyo Worship Building, Daejeon Observatory, EXPO Science Park, National Science Museum, Daejeon National Cemetery, Yurim Park 4 Sunghyeon Seowon Confucian School
    Birthplace of Danjae Shin Chae-ho home of shinchae-ho(exhibition) 5 Birthplace of Danjae Shin Chae-ho
    City Tour Tour bus guide 5 Tour bus guide
  • Daejeon cultural heritage interpreters’activities

    On-duty period: February 1 – November 30 (10 months)

    • Always available for 10 months / NOT available during Seolnal (the Korean Lunar Year Holiday)
      and Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Holiday)
    • Research activities during winter (2 months, December and January)
    • Tour guide services for group tourists if reservation is made in advance (work hours: 8 hours a day, 10:00 - 18:00 until 17:00 in November and February)
    • Services are given: Basically 3 times a day

      ※ 10:00, 14:00 and 16:00 (2 hours or less each)

    • If the service is requested by a group of tourists during the off-service period, a cultural heritage interpreter will be dispatched if necessary.
  • Application to be submitted to
  • Contact
    • Division of Tourism Industry of Daejeon City Hall +82-42-270-3971
    • Daejeon Tourist Information Center +82-42-861-1330
    • Daejeon Station Tourist Information Center +82-42-221-1905
    • Seo (West) Daejeon Station Tourist Information Center +82-42-523-1338
    • Daejeon Terminal Complex Information Center +82-42-633-1355
    • Daejeon O World Tourist Information Center +82-42-586-1330