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Driver¡¯s License
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While an international driver¡¯s license guarantees the same rights as a Korean driver¡¯s license, it is valid only for a year after entering Korea. Those who stay for more than a year and wish to drive a vehicle in Korea must obtain a Korean driver¡¯s license.

Converting foreign driver¡¯s license into a Korean one

Those holding a valid full foreign driver¡¯s license should obtain a Korean driver¡¯s license by having a physical examination. The type of the license to be issued corresponds to that of your original license.

¡Ø Documents Required:

  • Driver¡¯s license issued by your home country
  • Passport and Foreign Registration Certificate
  • Three photos
  • Certified translation of the original Driver¡¯s License ( licenses in English exempted)
  • Written confirmation from the embassy
  • Processing fee of 10,000 won
Obtaining Korean Driver¡¯s License
  • There are two types of Korean Driver¡¯s License-Type I and Type II-depending upon the type of vehicle:
    - Type I: vehicle for up to eleven passengers
    - Type II: vehicle for twelve or more passengers
  • To get a license, applicants must pass (1) written test, and (2) course driving test and road test.
  • Documents
    - Written test: passport, Certificate of Foreign Registration, two photos (3cmX4cm), fee of 9,000 won
    - Course driving test: passport, Certificate of Foreign Registration, application form, fee of 13,000 won
    - Road test: passport, Certificate of Foreign Registration,fee of 15,000 won
  • Aptitude test and renewal
Type I driver¡¯s license holders must take an aptitude test within the period specified on their driver¡¯s license. Type II driver¡¯s license holders must renew their license within the period specified on their driver¡¯s license.
Obtaining Korean driver¡¯ s License

Obtaining Korean driver¡¯s License

  1. Test application and registration
  2. Traffic safety education ¡æ Knowledge Test Pass or [3]
  3. Knowledge Test Pass ¡æ Traffic safety education or [2]
  4. Course registration
  5. Course Test (if failure go to the [4]) : Before taking the first couse test, you need to get a course training (more than 3hours) at a driving school.)
  6. Driving practice premit issued
  7. Road practice(10H)
  8. Road Course registration
  9. Road Couse Test (if failure go to the [8])
  10. License issue
Where to Obtain Korean Driver¡¯s License in Daejeon
Tests are held at government-sponsored test sites and authorized driving schools.
Driver¡¯s License Examination Office in Daejeon
  • Location: 364-2 Daebyeol-dong, Dong-gu
  • Telephone: (042) 273-2900, 3800
  • Website : http://www.dla.go.kr (English, Japanese, Chinese)
Authorized Driving Schools
Authorized Driving Schools
No. Name Location (Address) Telephone FAX
1 Samsung 456 Gubong-ro, Seo-gu +82-42-584-6116 +82-42-585-9350
2 Heungil 1660-24, Sanseo-ro, Dong-gu +82-42-271-6688 +82-42-271-5600
3 Hyangwoo 36, Byeondong-ro, Seo-gu +82-42-533-0400 +82-42-525-2324
4 Munhwa 151-85, Yongun-ro, Dong-gu +82-42-284-3399 +82-42-284-7121
5 Daesung 792 Yudeungcheondong-ro, Jung-gu +82-42-242-6565 +82-42-242-2008
6 Shintan 738-121, Shintanjin-ro, Daedeok-gu +82-42-934-9000 +82-42-931-9595
7 Hyosung 1384-38, Beolgok-ro, Seo-gu +82-42-546-8000 +82-42-546-8005
8 Songgang 1421, Geumnamgujeuk-ro, Yuseong-gu +82-42-936-7400 +82-42-936-7404
What to Do in Car Accidents
  • Report the accident to police by caling 112.
  • Take the injured person(s) to hospital or call 119 for help.
  • Inform your insurance company of the accident.